‘Walk With You’ – 4DG ft Ria OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO (Christchurch Tribute)

DOWNLOAD – itunes.apple.com Support the cause by getting your copy now fam! Spread the word! Big thank you to Greg, Scott, Nerice & the crew from Noggin Films for jumping on board to support the cause contributing their time & talents to put this together. Couldn’t have done this without you guys! www.youtube.com www.facebook.com Also Big thank you to Chris from KOG studios for his contribution mastering ‘Walk with you’ the man!!! And thank you to Crystal Houghton for hookin up the makeup for the vid! www.kog.co.nz Shout out’s & big thank you to our good friend Ria for blessing this track with her stunning vocals. Check her out fam & show sum luv! www.facebook.com You can check out more of 4DG @… www.facebook.com www.twitter.com www.youtube.com Our hearts & prayers go out to all the people of Christchurch & Japan… God bless & 1Luv WALK WITH YOU (lyrics) Written by D.Bernard, R.Hala & L.Sauni of 4DG VERSE 1 Dearest friend it’s ok (Ok…) Let your tears roll down your face I know it hurts and I wish I could take All of the pain inside your heart away It’s so hard to even begin To try & understand, how it feels (How it feels…) To watch helplessly the ones you love Taken from you & me… PRE CHORUS But I know (I know…) That the clouds will pass I know (I know…) No matter what we’ll find a way through this…Whoa CHORUS x 1 Even when the world falls down And you feel like nobody’s around To help you through, united we will walk with you And even though that things
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