Understanding the Roman Catholic Church

The purpose of this video is to help Protestant Christians and others develop a better understanding of the Roman Catholic Church, its history and basic beliefs by listening to Roman Catholics tell their own story. The 35-minute program is organized into three parts: Roman Catholic beliefs, Church history, Catholic Renewal. The program includes interviews with Roman Catholic theologians, scholars, pastors and lay people. Portions of this program were recorded in Rome, Assisi, Trent and Casino, Italy. After centuries of mistrust, indifference and even hostility, attitudes between Roman Catholics and other Christians are changing. Dialogue, cooperation and understanding is healing old wounds, locally and up to the highest organizational levels. The Roman Catholic Church is the largest block of Christianity. In the US 65 million Roman Catholics are organized into 200 archdioceses and dioceses and more than 19000 local Catholic parishes. Each year over one million infants and 70000 adults are baptized in US Roman Catholic churches. Yet for all its great size, influence and long history, many non-Roman Catholics understand very little about the largest Christian denomination. www.elca.org/mosaic 800.638.3522 ext. 6009