The Rocks of the Church

I heard on the grapevine that the Catholic Church had placed advertisements with a picture of a skull with the subtext “This is a condom user” all around Africa. If this is true (and it is ), it’s disgusting and got me thinking about all the evils the Popes have committed over the centuries. So I read the biographies of all 265 (or so) Popes. Wow – what a continual list of violent, bigoted, murdering, back stabbing, cruel, bastards. Nailing the list down to the worst 30 or so was really hard work, but here is my selection. I will post my notes about each Pope on my blog once I clean it up a little. I have tried my best to verify these facts about each Pope by referencing multiple authoritative sources. If there are any errors, I apologise. Please let me know so I can update my notes. I used these sources (among others) I thought this video was important because I searched for something similar on Youtube, but it seems no one has ever tackled it. I understand why now :/ The music is an old piece by Ultravox called “Monument”. Yes, they are the same group who did that 80’s hit called “Vienna”. This extended mix is my own and took my freaking ages, so be gentle 🙂 iTunes link to music: Oh – and thanks to everyone who attended the DPRJones BlogTV special for Desertphile. It was good fun and I will do it again. Don’t forget to donate – every little bit helps. Donate to

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