The Holy Trinity of Judaism

reunification of men and women themselves are able to create something new, as it is written in the same book of “Etz Chaim”, more so can create other Sefirot. Lurianics identify Sefirot and God, both it is not surprising, and they still time break thus an interdiction of polytheism.

“The Holy” Trinity of Hasidism.

There isn’t any trace of Hasidism in written and oral Torah, therefore, cannot be reckoned Jewish heritage in any way. We had mentioned previously that Lurianic Kabbalah was widely spread in Europe. It also found itself in formation of Hasidism and becomes the basis of its teachings. As we know, all the fictitious doctrines begin with stories and tales and lead to creation of another heretical religion. They always find a successor who in fact records everything and passes successfully around the world without fear of public persecution. Moreover, accepted not only in one community but throughout the world and leads to control and subjugation of mass.

Hasidic Judaism, said to be founded by someone named Baal Shem Tov, who allegedly was a great expert on the Torah, the greatest saint of all times, was very famous but there is no evidence of that. Stories and tales about him also appeared 150 years after his supposed time of existence, as the founder of Lurianic Kabala. It is said that the Baal Shem Tov was so great and was friend with Prophet Elijah. Supposedly, Baal Shem Tov merited studying the book of Adam ha Rishon. He walked on water, resurrected dead, helped many poor people calling everyone to act kindly to each other. Déjà Vu. Who did it all remind us of? Oh, yes of course. Jesus Christ! And this is simply because neither Moses nor any other of the Jewish prophets, kings, and wise could walk on water, probably were not as great as Baal Shem Tov.

Moreover, Baal Shem Tov had a great-grandson named Nachman. He was a very great sage and did not have time to tell about this to the world and died, and left not even one book. But, suddenly we hear that came his faithful disciple named Nathan, wrote a pile of books and made various statements to people in the name of his teacher, claiming that his teacher proclaimed that anyone, who visits his grave on Rosh Hashana, will be saved from the fire of Hell. Wow, what a great saint! Again, Moses and the other Jewish prophets and the righteous couldn’t do that!

More, Dov Ber, who was so called another disciple of the Baal Shem Tov, had a student named Shneur Zalman who decided to present the new doctrine to Jewish people because teachings of Torah were aged and people weren’t excited about it anymore. So, the new doctrine built on the Lurianic teachings which he called Chasidut Chabad – Chochma, Bina, Daat. It wasn’t a simple task to replace old Torah with a new one and, yet, incorporate into the hearts of masses. Meal and vodka together will win the hearts of people whether religious, businessmen and poor alike. What wouldn’t a simple Jew listen to at the party with friends and meal accompanied with bottles of vodka? Exactly! For this reason vodka has been erected in the status sacred, and saturday and celebratory meals, together with simply religious-business business-meeting, began to begin and come to an end with reliable hard drinkings. No wonder, the sage Rabbi Eliyahu from Vilna (Goan MiVilna) declared war on Hasidism. Unfortunately, Chabad won the war and we can find them everywhere which cannot be said of true Torah.

A few years ago, the last seventh Admore Chabad, Menachem Mendel died, never becoming a messiah as Chabad hoped. According to them, Menachem Mendel was preaching truth and met all the qualities of Messiah. Everyone in Chabad were convinced that Menachem was Moshiyach and there will not be other one. After his death, Chabad had a choice either to admit to their wrong-teachings and misleading millions or continually proclaim that the seventh rebbe was Mashiach to cover the lies. And they chose the Messiah, however, already dead. Who did it all reminds us? Déjà Vu, Jesus Christ! Our Holy Torah never mentions of dead messiah. Final redemption does not apply to dead Messiah and that cannot be: either buried – then a mere mortal, not the Messiah, or – invulnerable elect of God – then absolute power over physical world, the destruction of Amalek, assembling all Jews in Land of Israel, building the Third Temple and era of resurrection from the dead, followed by Olam HaBa.

Well, with this Hasidism does not end, but only begins. Feeling the impact of Chabad, people began to create their own form of Hasidism. Hasidic leaders multiplied like mushrooms, and today there are more than fifty types of Hasidism. Yes, having good life at the expense of others.

It’s a pity and great sorrow for us, Guardians of the Torah of Moses, how many honest Jews fell into the hands of Hasidism, where even there in the darkness, they strive to find light, acting kindly and helping other Jews. Our purpose is to open the eyes of honest people and expose the truth.

In conclusion.

We are very sorry for those unfortunate Jews who go after other gods, abandoning the Holy Torah and Jewish heritage.

There is no doubt that not only Christianity, but Lurianic teachings and Hasidism are all branches of Vatican created to completely destroy the true Torah, and replace with false teaching and confusing content. The Vatican successfully pushed the Jews out from the path of the just but didn’t stop at that. It effectively penetrated into the Jewish minds, therefore, accepting Hasidism, Mashikhism as authentic Judaism with new Torah, believe blindly to Rebbe who is dead and proclaimed him Messiah. I personnaly don’t believe that there is better proof than this.

With love to our Jewish people from Guardians of the Torah of Moses