Could someone who was Atheist for 2 years, and then became Catholic still go to Heaven?

Question by Gavin: Could someone who was Atheist for 2 years, and then became Catholic still go to Heaven?
He used to be a full-on Atheist, but after a drug overdose he almost died and then found God. He’s now a devout Catholic and goes to church every Sunday and volunteers at the church’s outreach program.

Do you think he could still go to Heaven?

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Answer by smtwtfs
DUH. of course. I was an atheist for 49 years….God waits for us.

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Invitation to attend a Church New Years Eve Musical Service

A Christmas Musical to be Performed at the Elkdale Baptist Church New Years Eve Service. This Musical drama, is Written by Pastor Frank Bissol and contains all original Music and drama and orchestration tracks. The musical will be Performed by the Elkdale Baptist Church Dec. 31st 2010 at 7:00 PM The General Public is invited to attend. This musical drama production will be made available for other Churches to use. The event is Free and open to the public. More information about this musical can be obtained at

Bishop GE Patterson Classic ‘HolyGHOST Experience at 16 years old

You Need The Holy Ghost- Pentecost 1999 Bishop Gilbert Earl “GE” Patterson (September 22, 1939 [1] — March 20, 2007[2]) was an American Pentecostal-Holiness, Charismatic minister who served as the international Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), Inc. Dr. Bishop Gilbert Patterson was born to Bishop WA (1898–1991) and Mary Patterson (1901–1981) in Humboldt, Tennessee. He was reared in Memphis, Tennessee and Detroit, Michigan. Bishop Patterson’s uncle was JO Patterson, Sr. (1912–1989), the Presiding Bishop of (COGIC) from 1968 until his death. He was the first cousin to Bishop JO Patterson, Jr., a former interim mayor of Memphis, TN and the current Chairman of the COGIC General Assembly. His best friend and First Assistant Presiding Bishop of the COGIC, Inc., Charles E. Blake, Sr. succeeded him as Presiding Bishop. Bishop JS Bailey ordained him in 1958 as an elder in the Church of God in Christ. In 1962, Patterson became co-pastor with his father at Holy Temple Church of God in Christ in Memphis. Patterson continued his pastorate in 1975 as the founder and pastor of Temple of Deliverance, the Cathedral of the Bountiful Blessings near downtown. Today, Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ is one of the nation’s fastest growing congregations with over 18000 on its membership roll. In 2000, Calhoun street where Bountiful Blessing is located was renamed GE Patterson Ave., in honor of the Bishop. Patterson founded the rapidly

St. Peter’s Church: Faith in Action for 250 Years

St. Peter’s Church: Faith in Action for 250 Years

Celebrating 250 years, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in the Society Hill neighbourhood of Philadelphia, has witnessed a rich mixture of people and events that reflect critical periods of American political and cultural history. George Washington worshiped here, as did abolitionists and slave holders, Whigs, Democrats, and Republicans. St. Peter’s was a point of first contact for thousands of immigrants, and the church opened schools for immigrants to help them to acculturate to life in Philadelphia. Opening a window onto colonial Philadelphia and the nation’s history, St. Peter’s Church is a glorious testament to this National Historic Landmark. In addition to the stories and hundreds of black-and-white and colour photographs, this handsome volume provides a history of the grounds, the churchyard, and the church itselfoa classic example of eighteenth-century Philadelphia design that later incorporated the work of renown architects William Strickland, Thomas U. Walter, and Frank Furness.

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St James Church Revealed after 100 years

St James Church Revealed after 100 years
St Church
Image by caribb
I thin the name of this church is St-James… for around 100 years it’s been hidden behind shops and only last year did they tear them down and expose this beautiful building to the city… It looks incredible.. hard to believe they hid it all these years.

why are other church abuse cases NOT reported with the same zeal as the Catholic scandals from YEARS ago?

Question by curious tom: why are other church abuse cases NOT reported with the same zeal as the Catholic scandals from YEARS ago?
FOX news claims to be fair and balanced, MSNBC claims they report the news, Yet it appears no major network is reporting and now the attacts on the Pope and the Catholics appears to be nothing more than Catholic bashing now. Sex, Physical, and Mental Abuse is never right and the Catholic Church had as much admitted that. But what about the other organizations, private and public, schools and detention facilities. etc.

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Answer by imacatholic2
In his column detailing the Media’s feeding frenzy on the Catholic Church, George Weigel states:

For the narrative that has been constructed is often less about the protection of the young (for whom the Catholic Church is, by empirical measure, the safest environment for young people in America today) than it is about taking the Church down—and, eventually, out, both financially and as a credible voice in the public debate over public policy. For if the Church is a global criminal conspiracy of sexual abusers and their protectors, then the Catholic Church has no claim to a place at the table of public moral argument.

Here is an “On Faith” column from the Washington Post entitled “Media decides, then reports”:

Here is Father Thomas Brundage’s account (he was the judge) of the trial of Father Lawrence Murphy and the misreporting of the media:

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