Did Roger Williams Start the First Baptist Church of America?

Did Roger Williams Start the First Baptist Church of America?

This booklet refutes the Baptist Bride, Landmarkism and Baptist Church succession theory and gives many historical references to prove that Roger Williams did start the first Baptist Church in America. Williams was also the leader in making slavery illegal in America, establishing the separation of Church and state, and establishing freedom of religion.


Amazing prophetic word by Apostle Ariette (Aretha) Williams

The entire Oil Of God congregation traveled to Indianapolis,Indiana to fellowship with one of the local churches.In this clip Apostle Williams prophecy’s to a bishop and all that she speaks from God is confirmed.Watch more videos of the prophet Apostle Williams on the Oilofgodtv Youtube channel Oil of God Corrections Ministry is located in St. Louis,Mo.The church is lead by Apostle Aretha Williams .The ministry is most known in St.Louis For it’s ability to deliver all who are sick and afflicted.Prophecy is on of the many services held at the church.The oil of God Is known for it’s realness and not never sugar coating a word giving by God.Many teenager have made the oil their church home.People from all over the country drive great distances to come and be apart of the radical holy ghost filled services .Apostle Aretha Williams is known thru the city as well as the country because of her mind blowing anointing thru Christ Jesus.The Ministry is lead strictly by the holy Spirit and all that the spirit speaks is obeyed.Feel free to come and fellowship at the oil of God along with many others
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SALVATION 1 – Fred Williams Minister in the Church of Christ

Fred Williams is a Minister in the Church of Christ. Salvation, Baptism, Denominationalism, Faith, Love, Hope, Worship, Lords Supper, Singing are all important topics for your spirital growth and Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
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