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Decorating church pews for a wedding should reflect the general mood of the wedding, and the decorations should be small enough to not get in the way of the guests. Find church-friendly decorations to adorn the pews with information from an experienced event coordinator in this free video on weddings.
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Music Ideas For Weddings

Music Ideas For Weddings

Music is a big aspect of your wedding and should reflect your personality as well as celebrate the event.  Quite often, couples will have more than one type of music played at their wedding.  If you have a church wedding, you will have church music as well as dancing music later at the reception.  You have more choices than ever when it comes to music for your wedding. 

Church Music – Just Organ Music?

Many people think that they can only have the traditional church music at the church, but this is not true.  You can have more than just organ music in most churches.  You may wish to have someone play a piano, sing or play a musical instrument like the flute.  While church music should be more sedate than the music played at the reception, you can choose different types of music at the church.  This is something that you should discuss with your church official.  As long as the music is respectful of the occasion and the atmosphere, you can have more than just organ music at the church. 

Cocktail Music

Many couples are choosing cocktail music prior to the dancing music that is traditionally played after dinner.  For your wedding, you may want to choose cocktail music that features traditional music.  Many times, to cut costs, couples will hire classical music students to play a flute or violin prior to dinner.  This is a charming way to get everyone to relax and mingle during the cocktail hour prior to the dinner.  If you do not know anyone who plays music, you can often find a duet at your local school who will be glad to play for the crowd for pay. 

Dance Music – Live Band Or DJ?

After dinner, it is traditional for the bride and groom to have their first dance as husband and wife together.  Music that is played at the dinner reception is usually dance music that will allow everyone to join in.  You can either hire a live band or a DJ to play records.  A live band will often cost more money, but many couples prefer them over a DJ.  A DJ will spin records.  Both will expect to be paid up front and will take requests.  If you have a list of songs that you would like to be played at your wedding, you should give them to the band or DJ prior to the wedding. 

You have many choices when it comes to music for your wedding.  You can choose more than one type of music to entertain your guests as well as celebrate this event.  Be sure to look into all of your options, get references and hear them play before you book any musicians for your wedding.

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