Hudeck Brothers Furniture & Exchange Store, Angleton TX

Hudeck Brothers Furniture & Exchange Store, Angleton TX
Church furniture
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In memory of John Hudeck.

A very old truck which at one time belonged to Hudeck Brothers Furniture, Angleton Texas. It is now on display at Maria’s taco Express, South Lamar, Austin, TX.

Property owned by Hudeck Brother Furniture Co.; lot 105, 11-12, block 15; North Velasco, Angleton. Buildin…

John Hudeck Obituary 1998:

COMFORT – John Joseph Hudeck, 93, died Sunday, May 17, 1998, in a local nursing
home. Vigil service will be at 7 p.m. today in Schaetter Funeral Home Chapel.
Service will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at Sacred Heart Catholic Church with
burial in Comfort Cemetery. He was born March 8, 1905, in Patterson, La. He was
the owner and operator of a furniture store and was a member of Sacred Heart
Catholic Church. Survivors include numerous nieces and nephews.…

George Rau, Houston Attorney, sent me some more info on John Hudeck:

John Hudeck was my great-uncle. He and his brother, Joe, were married to my paternal grandfather’s two sisters, Olga and Anna (nee Rau). They moved to Angleton from the Heights in Houston sometime in the 40s and started Hudeck Bros. Furniture. My grandfather, George Rau Sr., worked there as well. In fact, Hudeck Brothers Furniture was the reason that my grandfather moved to Angleton, and also the reason that my dad, George Rau Jr., and I both grew up there. The Hudecks were successful in business and sold the furniture store and retired to a ranch in the Hill Country near Comfort, Texas, in 1973, the year I was born. The Hudecks, Joe, John, Anna, and Olga, lived together their entire married lives, but never had children. They were devoutly Catholic, and just wonderful, wonderful people.

As you note, John died in 1998. He was the last one, as Anna, Olga, and his dear brother Joe, all preceded him, in that order.

The Hudecks had a furniture store where they sold new furniture and an "exchange store" where they sold used furniture. My dad thinks this truck probably would have been used to deliver furniture from the new store and the exchange store and also pick up furniture to be sold at the exchange store.


So, I think of all the furniture that John and his brothers sold & picked up and then delivered using that truck. I think of the hundreds of people who still have that same furniture somewhere; maybe in the same house perhaps. How many times was it sold, moved, passed-down…

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