Could someone who was Atheist for 2 years, and then became Catholic still go to Heaven?

Question by Gavin: Could someone who was Atheist for 2 years, and then became Catholic still go to Heaven?
He used to be a full-on Atheist, but after a drug overdose he almost died and then found God. He’s now a devout Catholic and goes to church every Sunday and volunteers at the church’s outreach program.

Do you think he could still go to Heaven?

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Answer by smtwtfs
DUH. of course. I was an atheist for 49 years….God waits for us.

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New Dresses for Church but still bored.

New Dresses for Church but still bored.
Chairs for church
Image by anyjazz65
Hello Kiddies. This is your uncle Steve with another bedtime story.

Once upon a time in the land of Boop-Bop-Sh-Bam there lived a little girl named Goldilocks.

One day Goldilocks’ mother said honey you sit the next set out in the back yard if you promise not to goof off and get lost.

“Mommio,” said Goldie, heading for the yard, “this is the place.”

“Crazy,” said her mother, returning to her household chores.

Well, for a while little Goldilocks was content to play in the back yard but finally she became …uh, bored, and decided to see a bit of the world.

Wandering out through the back gate, she soon found herself in a deep dark forest. In no time she was hopelessly lost and her terror mounted, as she perceived that it was getting quite dark.

Suddenly, in the distance Goldilocks saw a light flickering in the darkness and with hopes high she ran toward it. The light, she soon learned came from a strange little house in the middle of the forest. A house she had never seen before. Fearfully she knocked on the door. And getting no answer from the bar tender she entered.

Inside the house she saw three chairs. “Bless my soul,” said Goldie, “the Three Suns must be working this spot.”

She next spied three steaming bowls of soup on a table. “This joint must have been raided,” she said. “Looks like everybody cut out.”

Sampling the soup, she learned that the largest bowl was very hot, the next bowl was very cool, and the littlest bowl was just right. Naturally she chose the “cool” bowl.

Feeling a bit weary, she then walked up stairs and found a bedroom with three beds in it.
“Ah, these dressing rooms on the road,” said Goldie said to herself, “are the lowest.”

Then, drowsy, she tried all three beds and finally lay down upon the smallest and fell fast asleep.

Shortly thereafter the downstairs door banged open and in walked three bears.

(Sniff, sniff) “I smell Arpege,” said the Mama bear to her mate. “Gus you’ve had a dame here!”

“Ah, yer outa yer skull,” said the Papa Bear, “although it does uh… look as if someone had eyes for the soup over there.”

“I’m hip,” Said the Mama Bear, “and Dig! The upstairs bedroom door is open.”

“Hey, wordsville,” said the Baby Bear, “this whole thing is real nervous!”

“Let’s fall upstairs;” said the Papa Bear, “find out what the bit is.”

So saying, the three bears climbed the stairs and walked into the bedroom where Goldilocks lay sound asleep.

“Hey,” said the Papa Bear, “Somebody’s been makin’ it in my bed!”

“There’s been a scuffle in my pad too,” said the Mama Bear.

“Er, I don’t like to start idle gossip, “said the Baby Bear, “but if you’ll take it from the top, you’ll dig that there’s a chick in my sack right now.”

“So there is!” said the Papa Bear, shaking Goldilocks gently. “Uh… baby wake up! You better check with the desk clerk.”

Goldilocks rolled over and mumbled sleepily, “Jack, don’t bug me, I’m beat.”

“Nutty,” said the Papa Bear, “but you better call GAC, they’ve booked you into the wrong room.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said goldilocks, perceiving her error at last, “Forgive me for coming on so square.”

And so the three bears took her downstairs and showed her the way to go home. And Little Goldilocks never again disobeyed her mother.

Sometimes though, in the spring, she uh… looks through the latest Downbeat to see where the trio’s are playin’, y’know.

Written and performed by Steve Allen. If you have never heard this, then you have my deepest sympathy.

Is watching church on tv instead of going to actual church still good in gods eyes?

Question by : Is watching church on tv instead of going to actual church still good in gods eyes?
Im 15 and Christian, my familly hasn’t gone to church in a while and I dont realy like going. But recently I’ve started watching church on tv once a week, and every friday I meet with some of my high school students for a short sermon and for lunch. Am I doing the right thing spiritually.

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Answer by We Are The Faceless
Oh my gosh! I’m 14 and I do the same thing! Obviously, since neither of us can drive ourselves to church, God can’t really be upset with us since we can’t control the circumstance.. I’ve really felt connected with God (I was an Atheist and have been a Christian for a little less than a month now).

I’ve started reading the Bible, watching church on TV nearly every day, and going to FCA (Fellow Christian Athletes) at school… I’ve also been trying to spread the Word of God.

So, yes I think you’re still doing good in God’s eyes.

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Does the modern catholic church still acknowledge the old covenant?

Question by : Does the modern catholic church still acknowledge the old covenant?
Does the Catholic church take into account the allowances made by God in the old testament?

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Answer by ▓~ST£V£-Ø~▓ the Sexy Beast =)
Not the catholics don’t even talk about the NT just their own doctrine.

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Still waiting for the psychiatrist to arrive.

Still waiting for the psychiatrist to arrive.
Chairs for church
Image by slworking2
Abandoned City Methodist Church in Gary, Indiana. HDR

Watch a video I shot of this church – nine minutes long – on YouTube:

This church was featured in an episode of the TV show Life After People.

The city of Gary, Indiana was founded as a booming steel city as the twentieth century passed, and areas downtown saw the construction of several impressive buildings during these prosperous early years. In 1925, a cornerstone ceremony took place at 577 Washington St. to commemorate the construction of a Gothic Revival church called City Methodist. It was completed 21 months later, at the cost of one million dollars – 5,000 of which was contributed by the United States Steel Corp. (which also founded the city). Elbert Gary, the chairman of U.S. Steel and origin of the city’s name, donated a Skinner organ as well. The Bedford limestone structure consisted of a 50-foot tall sanctuary nave and elaborate stonework, and was able to seat 950 worshipers; City Methodist had a congregation of nearly 3,000 members in its heyday. The building was also home to Seaman Hall – a 1,000 seat auditorium, and a gymnasium with a full size basketball court. Storefronts were built into the building, with hopes that the income would offset the enormous maintenance costs.

During the 1920s, Pastor William Seaman rallied against the power of the Ku Klux Klan in Indiana, and welcomed black worshipers into City Methodist during a time when African Americans were not permitted in "white churches."

Gary entered a downward spiral during the 1960s, like many other industrial cities during the period. As U.S. Steel employment dwindled, the residents of Gary moved to nearby suburbs; then as jobs left downtown, city many residents moved out altogether while crime and poverty rose. By 1973 the church’s congregation had only 300 members and by 1975 the Methodists moved out of the structure. A second congregation occupied the building until they left in the early 1980s; some storefronts and office space was utilized for a while but soon the entire campus was completely abandoned.

City Methodist was burned in the Great Gary Arson of 1997, resulting in a large portion of the roof collapsed or missing. It is now owned by the city of Gary, and its future remains unclear.

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