World’s Largest Online Retailer of Sheet Music,, adds 10,000 Titles to its Christian Music and Church Music Catalog

EMERYVILLE, Calif. (PRWEB) October 30, 2005

Sheet Music Plus (, an online retailer with the world’s biggest selection of sheet music, has just increased its Christian music catalog by adding an additional 10,000 titles to its nearly 400,000 titles of every musical genre.

Through this initiative, Sheet Music Plus is now offering the full sheet music catalogs for Word Music, Integrity Music, David E. Smith and Vineyard. In addition, the company has dramatically increased its in-stock selection of other Christian publishers, such as Brentwood-Benson, Hinshaw, GIA Publications, Lillenas, Lorenz, and Hope Publishing and carries extensive stock from Hal Leonard Publishing and EMI CMG.

Sheet Music Plus offers the world’s largest selection of sheet music which now includes more than 50,000 titles from a wide variety of religious artists and composers. The catalog covers all types of Christian music, including praise and worship, choral, hymnals, contemporary Christian, traditional gospel, and even Taize music. The expansion will provide artists, musicians, bands, worship leaders, choir directors, and educational institutions with an even wider selection of these titles.

The expansion of the Christian category in the online retailer’s catalog is in response to demand that has grown significantly in the past two years, according to Nicholas Babchuk, founder and CEO of Sheet Music Plus. “We’ve invested seven years into creating the most user-friendly place to buy sheet music, including an easy-to-navigate interface, quick searches, look inside the music, and customer reviews,” said Babchuk. “Over 1,500 churches purchased sheet music from us last year, which has made us realize that we are an attractive option for these organizations. This initiative is to respond to this demand and further improve our service and selection. It is our goal to offer all sheet music that is in print, including all Christian music.”

Even prior to this expansion, Sheet Music Plus offered a tremendous selection for all levels of expertise and all types of instrumentation, from the beginner level choral group to the most sophisticated orchestras. For example, the popular hymn “O God, Our Help in Ages Past” is available for choral SATB, piano solo, organ, piano/vocal/guitar, classical guitar, dulcimer, handbell, concert band, and even PianoSoft for self-playing pianos. “Amazing Grace” is available in over 1,000 different collections. Many hymns and Christian pieces are also available in instrumental versions for flute, clarinet, trumpet, French horn, violin and more.

Among the top-selling Christian and gospel titles in the past two years are Mandy Moore’s version of the Switchfoot song “Only Hope;” MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine;” Steven Curtis Chapman’s “I Will Be Here;” Twila Paris’ “How Beautiful;” Chris Rice’s “Run The Earth…Watch the Sky;” and Kirk Franklin’s “The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin.” Additionally, songbooks for “The Best Contemporary Christian Songs Ever” and “Best Gospel Songs Ever,” and “Songs For Praise & Worship” are best sellers.

Sheet Music Plus’s breadth and depth of products allow it to quickly fulfill the diverse needs of worship leaders and choir directors. One buyer may want a sacred hymn such as “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” for their traditional Sunday church service, a more contemporary selection like Darlene Zschech’s “Shout to the Lord” for their casual weekend services, and may also need to purchase new hymnals for the congregation. An order with these items could be shipped within 24 hours. A Christian college recently ordered 180 copies of the “Messiah” for a Christmas production, and Sheet Music Plus shipped the order the next business day.

The importance of the Christian category is demonstrated on the website’s front page where top Christian titles are featured alongside other popular genre categories, and the Christian pages include top-seller charts for contemporary Christian, praise & worship, sacred choral, hymns, traditional gospel, contemporary gospel, and Christian rock.

The e-commerce site offers many options to help buyers find the music they are looking for. Extensive search features, including an instrument search, best-seller lists and customer ratings and reviews help guide users to the right music. In addition, has recently implemented a “Look Inside” feature that allows buyers to preview thousands of pieces of sheet music before buying. This can help buyers confirm that they are buying the right version of the music. Friendly and responsive customer service is available by phone as well as by email. Moreover, Sheet Music Plus’s generous return policies (within 30 days, no questions asked and no re-stocking fees) make it easy for buyers to return music if a piece turns out to be too difficult, too easy or just not right.

Specific features of the site are especially tailored to worship leaders, choir directors and music teachers. Buyers are offered a 10 percent discount when buying multiple copies of the same title, and choral six-packs are offered at a 10 percent discount. Additionally, Sheet Music Plus offers .99 budget shipping regardless of the order size. And of course, the ability to order any time, day or night, is extremely helpful for these very busy professionals. Monthly promotions, such as the annual Christmas sale and the annual G. Schirmer sale, provide additional value.

Currently, Sheet Music Plus welcomes more than 1,000,000 unique visitors each month and was featured by Forbes Online as a “Best of the Web” recipient. Internet Retailer ranked Sheet Music Plus as the 210th largest online retailer in its 2004 Top 400 Guide, an exclusive ranking of America’s largest online retailers based on their Internet sales volume.

Babchuk founded Sheet Music Plus in 1998. He developed the concept from his experiences in high school and college when he and a friend owned a music shop in Southern California. The online store originally offered guitar strings, drumsticks, and other musical accessories, but the company quickly decided to focus exclusively on providing the world’s largest selection of sheet music.

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Sheet Music In The Middle Ages

Sheet Music In The Middle Ages

The latter half of the Middle Ages (circa 1000 CE to 1500 CE) was a turning point in European history. Having finally emerged from the Dark Ages (circa 500 CE to 1000 CE), European civilization finally began to recover the ground it had lost when Rome fell. One of the results of this recovery was the re-emergence of recorded music, or sheet music in both religious and secular life.

During the Middle Ages, Catholicism was the central power in Europe. It was incorporated into every aspect of life and its power stretched to every corner of the known world. And one of the methods through which the Church asserted its power was music. Although modern churches regularly use music as a natural part of worship, the pairing of music and Christianity has not always been so straightforward. A thousand years ago, music was often regarded as sinful. The problem was, churchgoers tended to enjoy it, and the fathers of Catholicism understood that it could be used to strengthen people’s ties to the Church.

Accordingly, music was eventually incorporated into Catholic worship, and vise versa. The sheet music of the era is often adorned with religious frescos. The monasteries and abbeys of the period created and stored huge quantities of sheet music, up to 4000 texts at a time in some cases. Indeed, it was this mass production of recorded music that led to the evolution of square notation. The monks needed a universal way to record and recognize the music written by their peers in other monasteries; square notation made this possible.

However, church was not the only place a person living in the Middle Ages would hear music, not by a long shot. Also common at the time were wandering poets, or troubadours, who were the keepers and purveyors of secular music. Some of the oldest surviving sheet music was written by these people, who were encouraged in their work by patrons such as Eleanor of Aquitaine. The area of Provence, modern day southern France, was particularly known for its troubadours, and the region is said to have been known as The Land of Song.

The Church is known to have fought the advent and proliferation of secular music, which it would certainly have regarded as sinful in the extreme. However, fortunately for us, it was unable to stem the music’s spread. The most popular topic of such secular music was that of courtly love, which may explain why the Church was so against it. Courtly love deals with situations in which lovers are unable to consummate their feelings, usually because one or both is wed to another. This theme is still famous today thanks to the well-known story of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and Sir Lancelot. Other popular secular topics included the seasons, the crusades, beautiful women, and nature, all of which were idealized and exalted in song. Such songs would never have become as ubiquitous as they were, however, without the sheet music produced by the troubadours of the age.

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Best resource for clarinet sheet music for church?

Question by bcooper_au: Best resource for clarinet sheet music for church?
I have a clarinet student who is looking to play in a church setting. She wants to play some church music but all I can find is sheet music for piano! Does anyone know of places to find Clarinet sheet music for church. It doesn’t have to be online and no I don’t mean free.

Best answer:

Answer by Angel Dumott Schunard suspended
just google it…

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