How do you create fake rocks and bolders for a stage play?

Question by marcia478: How do you create fake rocks and bolders for a stage play?
The backdrop of our church Easter play is Mt. Calvary – we need to find an easy and quick way to make light weight rocks. We need rocks piled at the base of the cross.

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Answer by loveseasytears
How about chicken wire, paper maiche and “natural” paint colors?

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The Rocks of the Church

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Church Rocks – Window Bumper Laptop Sticker

Church Rocks – Window Bumper Laptop Sticker

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Marriage on the Rocks

Marriage on the Rocks

What do you do when you have a beautiful house, two great children, and a Marriage on the Rocks? If you’re bored Val Edwards (Deborah Karr), you swap your fuddy-duddy hubby Dan (Frank SInatra) for his swingin’ bachelor best friend Ernie (Dean Martin) – and watch the spraks fly. Ol’ Blue Eyes breezes through this romantic comedy romp at the head of an all-star cast. Along for the laughs are frequent Sinatra co-stars Martin, Cesar Romero, and Tony Bill, plud daughter Nancy Sinatra and Kerr. The fun starts when the Edwards take a second honeymoon in Mexico and fall into the hands of the quickie-divorce/quickie-marriage lawyer Romero. Faster then jumping beans, everybody’s unhitched, rehitched, confused, confounded, and cohabitating. But Dan has the right attitude. “We had a bad marriage”, he says. “Let’s have a happy divorce!”This time capsule from a bygone era features an amazing Dean Martin bachelor pad and the delectable sight of Frank Sinatra go-go dancing in a rock club. Such campy pleasures are the main appeal of Marriage on the Rocks, a sitcom-style comedy about marital dissatisfaction and legal confusion. Sinatra’s been married to Deborah Kerr for 19 years, but her boredom with his stick-in-the-mud personality has her leaping to shake things up–especially when a Mexican vacation accidentally divorces the two. How Dino gets himself wedged into this mess is the stuff of labored farce. The two Rat Pack buddies have done this so many times they barely rouse themselves to mix the highballs, with only the presence of Frank’s daughter Nancy, in a supporting role, stirring the fatherly spark. Trini Lopez contributes a song, in the aforementioned nightclub, and Cesar Romero has a buffoonish role as a do-everything Mexican local official. The whole enterprise has the air of hedge-betting about it, and everybody looks as though they’re fulfilling a contractual obligation. –Robert Horton

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The Rocks: Sydney’s Outdoor Museum

The Rocks: Sydney’s Outdoor Museum

The Rocks is Sydney’s oldest area and is steeped in history and character. One reason is the strict control on development has limited the construction of brash modern buildings. This is one of the reasons they call The Rocks ‘Sydney’s Oldest Museum’. Add to this a vibrant cafe, pub and dining culture, some wonderful shopping, and what is arguably the city’s best view of the Opera House, and you’ve got the recipe for a great Sydney day out. So where’s the best place to start?

That’s an easy one; the place to go is the Sydney Visitor Centre at 106 George Street. It offers a mass of free information and literature about everything to do with The Rocks.

The Rocks may be Sydney’s Outdoor Museum but it’s home to many indoor museums, too, and these are great places to explore the area’s past.

One of the most fascinating is the Discovery Museum located in a restored 1850’s sandstone warehouse. The three floors of the museum narrate the story of The Rocks from its Aboriginal days up to the present. The displays comprise extensive artifacts unearthed over the centuries.

For a glimpse into how life was in The Rocks long ago, visit Susannah Place a group of four terraced houses dating from 1844. They illustrate the raw community of l9th century working class life in the city. Susannah Place retains the brick toilets and open air washing facilities of those days. The block also contains a recreated corner store stocked with goods from that period.

You can get more insights into the Rocks past at Cadman’s Cottage, Sydney’s oldest building. Located on George Street, it was built in 1816 as barracks for the coxswain and crew of the Governor of New South Wales. It’s named after the last government coxswain, John Cadman. Cadmans Cottage houses a museum and the Sydney Harbour National Park Information Centre.

Also here in the oldest part of Sydney you’ll find the Museum of Contemporary Art. Officially opened in 1991, the museum’s four floors display artworks from both local an international artists. The displays are continually changing. The museum offers stunning views over Sydney Cove.

To see one of Sydney’s first churches, head for Miller’s Point on the southern shore of Sydney Harbour, beside Darling Harbour. Garrison Church was built in 1840. Originally named the Church of the Holy Trinity, it became better known as the Garrison Church due to its proximity to the Commonwealth arsenal. Next to the church, you’ll find the volunteer-run Garrison Gallery Museum. The nearby St Brigid’s Millers Point is the oldest existing place of Catholic worship in Australia.

Another Sydney first is the Customs House, built on the land of the Eora people. It was the site of the First Fleet landing in 1788 and now houses a collection of unique exhibits. The Aboriginal flag now flies permanently at Customs House to acknowledge the original owners of the land.

The Rocks is also a fine choice of location for your stay in Sydney. Choose a hotel at The Rocks and not only will you be in the historic heart of the city, but the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the entire Sydney CBD are on your doorstep. The Rocks hotels include such august hostelries as Sebel Pier One Sydney and Rendezvous Stafford Hotel Sydney.

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