What are the Best Inspirations of the Rest of Your Life? Bob Preaches to the Budapest ICOC

This sermon is one of the best & the most memorable sermon from Bob to the Budapest International Church of Christ. (HCOC) It was preaching in 2001. Bob Tran…
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Samoan Uso’s Singing (Accapella) Lead me to REst

T-Rock+Mako+Lofa+Swis+Hurocain harmonizin “Lead me to Rest by Accapella” November 11. 2008 at [[Gospel n da Hood]] – located at Logan n Euclid, [[da diipp]] .. big church w/da blue gate around it, across from Bay Vista Apts… 6pm-9pm…San Diego, CA – all is welcome!!!…….. God bless!

Mars Bar 2008 Advert – Helps you work, rest and play

A group of Monks doing their wordly mundane chores of ringing church bells take a mini break and eat a mars bar which invigorates and releases a burst of life enabling them to ring the bells with hilarious consequences. This is the way bells were made to be rang!
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Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church 1987 Musical, For the Rest of My Life (Part 2)-Praise

The music ministry at Fellowship was made famous by the late Sis. Rilma “Kathy” Thibodeaux. Sis. Thibodeaux served as the Minister of Music of Fellowship for over two decades; and was also one of its charter members. For this selection, Sis. Jackie Tolbert is the soloist. Bro Lee Jeff is the organist. (Also, notice Full Gospel Presiding Bishop Paul Morton in the congregation. He was known as Rev. Morton back then.)