Does anybody know of a protestant church with Saturday night services in the Metro Detroit area?

Question by Bryan W: Does anybody know of a protestant church with Saturday night services in the Metro Detroit area?
My church may not be meeting together any longer after the summer, and I work on Sunday mornings. I’m looking for a church in the Macomb or Oakland county areas. Links to church websites would be helpful. Looking for:

* Contemporary worship
* Relaxed dress code
* Openness to the whole Emerging Church philosophy would be swell
* Active and vital student ministry
* Lack of legalism

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Answer by -Detroit-

Saturday Nights at 5:30

It’s in Troy at 19 Mile (Square Lake) and John R

It’s a big church, you can’t miss it. It sounds like exactly what you’re asking about. What city are you in? I know of another similar church in Livonia, but since you’re saying Oakland/Macomb I’m geussing that might be fire. I can find out for you if you’d like though.

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York – Protestant Cathedral: “Psalm VIII” – Anglican Choir

York Minster Anglican Church is a Gothic Cathedral in York, England and is one of the largest of its kind in Northern Europe alongside Cologne Cathedral. The Minster is the seat of the bishop of York, the second-highest office of the Church of England, and is cathedral for the Diocese of York; it is run by a Dean and Chapter under the Dean of York. The formal title of York Minster is The Cathedral and Metropolitan Church of St Peter in York. The English Reformation led to the first Anglican archbishop, the looting of much of the cathedral’s treasures, and the loss of much of the church lands. Under Elizabeth I there was a concerted effort to remove all traces of the Roman Catholic Church from the cathedral; there was much destruction of tombs, windows, and altars. In the English Civil War the city was besieged and fell to the forces of Cromwell in 1644, but Thomas Fairfax prevented any further damage to the cathedral. Location: York Full Name: Cathedral and Metropolitan Church of St Peter County: North Yorkshire Country: England Denomination: Church of England Province: York Diocese: York Diocese created: 314 Bishop: John Sentamu Dean Very Revd Keith Jones

Where can I find a list of protestant Churches in Toledo – Torrijos, Spain?

Question by Pivoine: Where can I find a list of protestant Churches in Toledo – Torrijos, Spain?
I need a listing of all protestant Churches in this area. I am trying to help someone find a home Church, near Torrijos, Barcience de Toledo. Anybody know of any??
Baptist, preferably. Spanish or Romanian. Thanks!!
I should have listed it under Castilla la Mancha

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Answer by Kathy C
i don’t know much about that part of Spain but i do have a friend over there there is a church named La Asuncion in Castile La Manchea if you ask them they should help

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1944 Project X “Gehlen: Spy of the Century” German Protestant Church infiltrates OSS, MI5

Gott Mit Uns: CIA – Nazis in CIA, How the Cold War Began from Jason Brumfeld EH Cookridge’s 1971 biography, “Gehlen: Spy of the Century.” “The Protestant Reformation.” Religion, 16th century. – Lutheran Nazism – Apostolic Apologetics “In 1932 the Protestant church came under the influence of the Nazi movement … The Diakonisches Werk (run by the Lutheran Church) still uses the symbol. . “In 1932 the Protestant church came under the influence of the Nazi movement called “German Christians” (Bewegung Deutscher Christen, also called “Stormtroopers of Jesus”) and lead by the founder, Rev. Joachim Hossenfelder. This movement represented Hitler’s “Positive Christianity” views and lawfully encoded into the Nazi “constitution.” Hitler tried to force regional Protestant churches to merge into the Protestant Reich Church. Protestant churches throughout Germany participated in the movement but Hitler’s union of the churches failed because of in-church bickering. Only one visibly apparent church remains in Germany that shows distinctive markings of Positive Christianity, a reminder of how Christianity and Nazism mixed together during the Nazi regime.”1 MOST SECRET: 1944 «PROJECT X» SOE – British MI5 infiltrated by Soviet super spy Rudolf Abel? ————————————————- The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, England Ministry of Economic Warfare Special Operations Executive: Group C, Scandinavia: Registered Files NORWAY MOST SECRET 7th April,1944 Under
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Way – Protestant Church: “Psalm LXXXIV” – Anglican Choir

Names: Iffley Church; Anglican Episcopal Church, Parish Church Type of site: Parish Church Faith: Cristian (Anglican Church of England) Status: Active Date: 1170 Architecture: Norman (Romanesque) with an Early English chancel Location: Church Way, Iffley village, south Oxford,…

Bristol – Abbey (Protestant Church) – Psalm 148: “O Praise The Lord of Heaven”

Bristol Cathedral began life as a Norman abbey church, became an Anglican Cathedral after the Dissolution in 1539, and was almost entirely rebuilt in the neo-Gothic style in the late 19th century. History: Bristol Cathedral began as Abbey in 1140. The chapterhouse, still standing, dates from 1165. The Norman abbey church was rebuilt from 1298 onwards, but the new church was still incomplete at the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1539 when its nave was demolished. In 1542 the church was made the cathedral of a new Diocese of Bristol and was dedicated to the Holy and Undivided Trinity. The nave was eventually built during the 19th century and the building was completed by two towers at the west end in 1888. Names: Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity in Bristol; Bristol Cathedral Type of site: Cathedral Faith: Christian Faith (Anglican Church) Status: Active Dates: 1140; 1888 Architecture: Norman and neo-Gothic Location: College Green, Bristol, England BS1 5TJ Bus: 8 or 9 Phone: 01179/264 879 Website: Services: Sunday: 7.40am Morning Prayer; 8.00am Holy Communion; 10.00am Cathedral Eucharist; 3.30pm Choral Evensong. Weekdays: Morning Prayer at 8.30am; Eucharist at 12.30pm; Evensong at 5.15pm (Saturdays at 3.30pm)