St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church
Roman Church
Image by Teemu008
St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Chicago (1854, spires added 1885). St. Patrick’s Church is one of only a few buildings in Chicago that pre-date the Great Chicago Fire, constructed outside the boundaries of the conflagration. The original congregation first met in 1846, primarily serving the Irish immigrant population, and this church was built in 1854. The differing spires on the church represent the unity of the Eastern and Western church.

Godspeed! You Black Emperor at Church of St. Paul the Apostle on St. Patricks Day

Film loops projected in a midtown Manhattan cathedral spinning to the sounds of Godspeed! You Black Emperor. Sonic building blocks of music bouncing off the stained glass window as listeners sit still in their church pews. Best of luck to Sara and your pursuit of crystal hunting in Washington state.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

081018 Wedding Ceremony at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Galveston, Texas

Wedding ceremony recorded 18-Oct-08 at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, 1010 35th St, Galveston, TX 77550, (409) 762-9646, ©2008 Art Smart Videos. All rights reserved.
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Ideas Of Making Church Service Video On St. Patrick’s Day

Ideas Of Making Church Service Video On St. Patrick’s Day

Ideas Of Making Church Service Video On St. Patrick’s Day

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Home Page > Arts & Entertainment > Movies > Ideas Of Making Church Service Video On St. Patrick’s Day

Ideas Of Making Church Service Video On St. Patrick’s Day

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Ideas Of Making Church Service Video On St. Patrick’s Day

By: SunnyY

About the Author

The author is an expert of PowerPoint converter software who concentrated on giving you the best solution of PowerPoint to video and PowerPoint to DVD; also include some tips and tricks about presentation which will make your life and work easier.


(ArticlesBase SC #1957558)

Article Source: – Ideas Of Making Church Service Video On St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day origins from Ireland and gradually becomes a worldwide celebrated holiday. Besides parade and coloring of beer, Church service is one of the most important events in the festival. Many Churches begin to hold their celebrations with video presentations in various topics. Here are some great ideas to help you to make your St. Patrick’s Day rich and vivid with Church service videos.

What you need
All video presentations can be made with the following tools on computers. No expensive devices or professional computer skill are needed.
— Resources about St. Patrick’s Day, including photos, music, texts and etc.
— Microsoft Office PowerPoint
— PowerPoint to DVD converter

Ideas of Church service videos
There’re many points to make good Church service videos about St. Patrick’s Day. We list some of possible ideas here.
~~ A presentation video of St. Patrick’s Day history
~~ An invitation video as well as an event notice
~~ A celebration memorandum of past events of St. Patrick’s Day
~~ An aid of singing classic Irish songs and Catholic Hymns

How to make the presentation video
The whole process of making presentation video with the tools mentioned in the second part of this article can be summarized in four simple words: collect, edit, convert and publish. Now let’s take an example and make quick step-by-step guide to complete your Church service video.
*1. Collect
To make a memorable Church service video for St. Patrick’s Day history, mass of resources are must-have. With the help of Google, Catholic books and other St. Patrick’s Day Websites, you can find as much useful information as you wish. However, make sure whether those resources are free for republishing or using for some certain purposes.
*2. Edit
Screen out the materials which you decide to use and put them into your PowerPoint slides. Write an outline before you get started. You can insert photos with a paragraph of text, add Catholic Hymns as back ground music and make a topic-related links in order to make recommendations at the end of PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint offers enough animation effects and presentation objects, so make sure to take advantages of them.

*3. Convert
When you finish the PowerPoint presentation, it’s time to convert it to DVD. Close your PowerPoint and then open the PowerPoint to DVD converter. Import the PowerPoint presentation. You can reorder them to the right order if there is more than one file.
Then here come more items to personalize your presentation. And the most important part that worth mentioning is the DVD template menu. You can choose the most suitable template from the pull-down menu. Every object in the template can be customized in position, appearance and font properties. If your original PowerPoint presentation is mute, here you can also import audio file as back ground music.
Click Next button and you can go to the last step of converting PowerPoint to DVD.

*4. Publish
On the last interface as you arrive, insert a blank DVD disc into your driver and click “Start” button to burn your PowerPoint presentation to DVD. If you want to save another copy of Church service video as backup, mark tick on “create DVD image file”. It spends minutes to achieve according to the file size and quantity of slide pages. By playing repeating video with one big screen hanging over the front gate of the Church and distributing invitation DVD to the passer-by, you can attract more people to take part in the Church service on St. Patrick’s Day.

Since St. Patrick’s Day is introduced to the whole world by thousands of Irish immigrants and descendants. It becomes one of the World celebration holiday and turn every participant a little bit Irish. Nevertheless, learning more traditional custom and true origins of St. Patrick’s Day by paying visit to Church service is also a necessary event. With the help of PowerPoint and PowerPoint to DVD converter, parsons and personnel in Church can make many memorable and educative videos in their own ways, making this 17th of March full of fun in green.



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(ArticlesBase SC #1957558)

About the Author:

The author is an expert of PowerPoint converter software who concentrated on giving you the best solution of PowerPoint to video and PowerPoint to DVD; also include some tips and tricks about presentation which will make your life and work easier.



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St. Patrick’s Church, Dorchester Street, Montreal, QC, 1915

St. Patrick’s Church, Dorchester Street, Montreal, QC, 1915
Image by Musée McCord Museum
St. Patrick’s Church, Dorchester Street, Montreal, QC, 1915
Wm. Notman & Son
1915, 20th century
Notman photographic Archives – McCord Museum

Église St. Patrick, rue Dorchester, Montréal, QC, 1915
Wm. Notman & Son
1915, 20e siècle
Archives photographiques Notman – Musée McCord

To see the image file on the McCord Museum website, click on the following link:

Pour voir la fiche descriptive de cette photographie sur le site Web du Musée McCord, cliquer le lien suivant:

Benicia Celtic Band in St. Patrick’s Day Concert featuring the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers

Benicia, CA (PRWEB) February 16, 2007

The Benicia Celtic Band returns to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers at Community Congregational Church in Benicia. The band brings together local musician with members of the San Francisco Scottish Fiddler to create a unique blend of woodwinds, drums, fiddles, guitar, cello, harmonica and piano.

This concert is a part of the music series offered by Community Congregational Church as a gift to their community. Bring the whole family to hear the Benicia Celtic Band in an intimate setting featuring some of the finest acoustics to be found in the Bay Area.

Previous concerts include The Jeff Pittson Trio, Barbara Hamm, Cynthia Shultz, Peppino D’Agostino, Voena and FogTrio featuring Brian Melvin.

Community Congregational United Church of Christ presents

2006/2007 Third Annual Artist/Concert Series

The Benicia Celtic Band

Saturday, March 17, 2007

7 pm Doors Open 6:30 pm

Donation for adults/children 14 and under are free

Community Congregational Church

1305 West 2nd Street

Benicia, CA 94510

Call 707.745.0674 for information