The Service Tote Pulpit Luggage for Traveling Pastors

The Service Tote Pulpit Luggage for Traveling Pastors

  • Phenomenal travel bag for ministers allows transport of bible, Ipad, notes, hot and cold liquids all in the same unit! Serve on the road or in the sanctuary!
  • Have everything you need at your fingert tips!
  • Simple to pack, lock, transport and secure!
  • Carry both hot and cold liquids, glasses, cups and mugs all professionally and with ease!
  • Top handle carry or roll for transportation ease!

The Service Tote is specifically designed for pulpit use! Tote includes 2 full size thermoses. Allocated spaces for 3 10 oz. drinking vessels, 2 10 oz. coffee mugs, notes, pens, wipes, IPad, bible and pulpit towels! A true must see innovation!

List Price: $ 260.00

Price: $ 260.00

Growing the Local Church During the Decade of Harvest: A Pastor’s Workshop on Church Growth [2 VHS Videos]

Growing the Local Church During the Decade of Harvest: A Pastor’s Workshop on Church Growth [2 VHS Videos]

(2 VHS Videos) Whether your congregation numbers 50 or 5,000, you need to pause right now and ask yourself: Do I know what God wants to do through me and my church in the coming Decade of Harvest? This 2 hours video presentation is designed to help today’s pastor grow his church during the coming years of harvest. It relates five major steps that will prove invaluable to you and the growth of your church. A dynamic tool for use as we begin working together for a great time of harvest.

List Price: $ 99.00

Price: $ 99.00

Amazing Race Canada – Pastors Mike & Joel

One wears a toque and hangs out with hundreds of high school students. The other wears a dress shirt and hangs out with hundreds of people of all ages. Co-Pastors and best friends for 15 years, Mike & Joel are a dynamic, competitive, and fun-loving team from Kelowna, BC. Great TV will ensue if Joel’s laid-back attitude and Mike’s controlled, scheduled character hit the road on the Amazing Race Canada! Mike & Joel were featured on CTV BC News tonight! Watch the story here: Joel Feddersen is a Youth Pastor at Willow Park Church ( Mike Penninga is a Senior Pastor at Kelowna Gospel Fellowship Church ( Video by Curtis Allen of Solid Rock Video.
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Suffragan Bishop C. Shawn Tyson Part 1 – 2012 PAW Pastors & Ministry Leaders Summit

Suffragan Bishop C. Shawn Tyson, Pastor Mt. Calvary Pentecostal Church Youngstown, OH & Christ Church Apostolic Indianapolis, IN presents a seminar “Generational Divide – How To Bridge The Gap.” during the 2012 Pentecostal Assemblies World Inc. Pastors & Ministry Leaders Summit in Indianapolis, IN 12/13/12. Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Inc. ( Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, Presiding Bishop Bishop Richard E. Young, 1st Assistant Presiding Bishop Bishop Theodore Brooks, 2nd Assistant Presiding Bishop

Is it true the tv pastors call from pulpits exhorting people to come on yahoo answers and misspell atheists?

Question by 2.718281828459045235360287471352662497757247093699: Is it true the tv pastors call from pulpits exhorting people to come on yahoo answers and misspell atheists?
What is the reason for this? Do church people get extra points in heaven every time this word is misspelled on here? Then what?

Best answer:

Answer by LARA, age 82
Either that or perhaps it is dyslexia

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Church On The Street [Cots Phoenix] 2012-05-24 Pastor’s Conference (Part 11) Larry Wilson

Church On The Street is a Christian Discipleship Program (or ‘Bible’ Boot Camp) where a believer in Jesus Christ can spend six months in our 180 day residential program immersed in the Word of God. One can spend this time to build a stable foundation for their life. Very intense; very structured with a curriculum based in the Life of Christ. Lots of rules to incorporate discipline into one’s character; this life recovery school is the stepping stone to finding the purpose for your life that the Lord has for you. We accept all donations & are in need of hygiene, finances, clothes, furniture and vehicles. We are a state approved facility for probation & parole. Visit our website @ or call (602) 257-8918 for tour or program information.
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Religious Right Tells Pastors Christianity Being Suppressed Coral Ridge Ministries broadcast a special called “Pastors, Pulpits, and Politics” to encourage pastors to involve their churches in this year’s elections. The strategy of encouragement seemed to revolve around convincing pastors that Christianity itself is under attack by liberals and “militant homosexuals,” who supposedly harbor “totalitarian” intentions towards “suppressing” Christians a la Hitler or Stalin. Host Jerry Newcombe, Coral Ridge Left-to-right: Gary DeMar, American Vision Jordan Lorence, Alliance Defense Fund Tony Perkins, Family Research Council Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel 4/19/08
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