How do I get over this newly developed pathological annoyance at a church setting?

Question by Pacifist for Jesus: How do I get over this newly developed pathological annoyance at a church setting?
Church settings really annoy me now. I just can’t tolerate being around people singing hyms, and praises. It just sets off some within me. I don’t know what. Also, I just can’t stand the faux love. You know, the love which many supposed followers of Christ have, which in reality is fake. The love which is only shown to score browny points from God. That type of thing. It’s all become really annoying to me. I love God with all of my heart and soul, but the church thing has really gotten annoying. How do I start to like church again?

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Answer by Shawn
It’s because you are starting to realize that religion is bullshit.

Don’t get over it.

Just drop religion and start reading up on evolution and the big bang theory etc.

There is solid evidence to prove that all those theories above are indeed fact.

But the bible isn’t even historically correct,in fact the blatant contradictions in the bible are laughable,not to mention the stories.

There are over 4 billion species of animals on this planet,how could they all fit into the ark?

How could Jonah survive in the stomach of a whale for 3 days without being destroyed by the stomach acid?

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