Swiss Ban Mosque Minarets, A Muslim Opinion

A list of Churches in the Muslim world: Indonesia UAE – UAE – Iran Iran – Iran Egypt – Turkey – Tunis – Morocco Morocco – Syria Syria Oman Oman Bahrain Qatar Jordan Jordan – Pakistan Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Malaysia Malaysia Libya Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Albania Sudan Sudan Brunei Brunei Brunei Senegal Senegal The Muslim response is simple, keep spreading the truth of Islam, get rid of the misconceptions and allow people to see the truth so they come to it. The answer is not boycotts, violence, or angry tirades and threats.

What is your opinion regarding church names?

Question by Joseph A. Castorina jr.: What is your opinion regarding church names?
What is your opinion regarding church names? What do you look for in a church’s name? What do you think about the names True Life Church, Lifepointe Church, or Crosspointe Church? I am starting a new church and would like to get some input on what to name it.
howtoknowthetruth, Would you please elaborate on your answer? I’m interested in your view. What would you think about a name like Lifepointe Worship Center, or True Love Worship Center?
I meant True Life Worship Center

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Answer by howtoknowthetruth
I only get negative from names not positive. If you say “Church” it makes me think that you think a church is a building. Christians are what makes up a church. So why not call it what it really is? It’s a local fellowship of believers in Christ.
I hope this helps.

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