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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16 Inspirational Life Bible Quote God’s Scripture Christ Church Vinyl Wall Decal Picture Art Image Living Room Bedroom Home Decor Peel & Stick Sticker Graphic Design Wall Decal – 24 Colors Available – DISCOUNTED SALES ITEM 15×15

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Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21.1MP Full Frame CMOS Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)

Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21.1MP Full Frame CMOS Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)

  • 21.1-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, 14-bit A/D conversion, wide range ISO setting 100-6400
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The integration of HD movie capability into a high-end 21.1-megapixel camera opens a multitude of new possibilities for photojournalists and news photographers. With its full-frame CMOS sensor and outstanding ISO performance, the EOS 5D Mark II will appeal to any photographer in search of the finest camera equipment available — from studio and wedding to nature and travel photographers.Compact, lightweight with environmental protection, EOS 5D successor boasts a newly designed Canon CMOS sensor, with ISO sensitivity up to 25,600 for shooting in near dark conditions. The new DIGIC 4 processor combines with the improved CMOS sensor to deliver medium format territory image quality at 3.9 frames per second, for up to 310 frames.

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Price: $ 2,351.02

Jerry Butler – “Only The Strong Survive” (1968)

Jerry Butler (born Jerry Butler Jr., December 8, 1939, Sunflower, Mississippi) is an American soul singer and songwriter. He is also noted as being the original lead singer of the R&B vocal group, The Impressions, as well as a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Butler is also an American politician. He serves as a Commissioner for Cook County, Illinois, having first been elected in 1985. As a member of this 17-member county board, he chairs the Health and Hospitals Committee, and serves as Vice Chair of the Construction Committee. The mid 1950s had a profound impact on Butler’s life. He grew up poor, having lived in Chicago’s Cabrini–Green housing complex. Music and the church provided solace from a city that was as segregated as those in the Deep South. He performed in a church choir with Curtis Mayfield. As a teenager, Butler sang in a gospel quartet called Northern Jubilee Gospel Singers, along with Mayfield. Mayfield, a guitar player, became the lone instrumentalist for the six-member Roosters group, which later became The Impressions. Inspired by Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers, the Five Blind Boys of Mississippi, and the Pilgrim Travelers, getting into the music industry seemed inevitable. Butler was dubbed the “Iceman” by WDAS Philadelphia disc jockey, Georgie Woods, while performing in a Philadelphia theater. He co-wrote, with Otis Redding, the song “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” in 1965. Butler’s solo career had a string of hits, including the Top 10

Special Columbia Advertising Record (Sales Talk Only)

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Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) October 9, 2005

Justin R. Cannon, founder of Truth Sets Free Ministries ( announced today the launch of The site’s introduction to the web marks it as the Internet’s only devoted gay Christian matchmaking site. Cannon explains, “Most GLBTQ Christians are excluded from joining Christian personals sites, and gay and other personals sites aren’t structured to meet their specific needs. The growing gay Christian demographic deserves a welcoming safe place tailored just for them.” emerged out of Cannon’s own frustration with the lack of networking presence on the web for meeting other gay Christians. is not just for those looking for a life partner; but provides an opportunity to find friends or even a Bible study partner.

Cannon launched an informational website earlier this year, under his Truth Sets Free Ministries. The website distributes his recently printed study, “The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality,” which looks closely at the six Bible ‘clobber passages’ used to condemn gays. His study reveals how misinterpretation of these passages has resulted in the marginalization of gays in the Church. Cannon’s efforts have been featured in the prominent gay newsmagazine The Advocate, and an editorial in the LA Times. He has been interviewed on The Michelangelo Signorile Show on SIRIUS Satellite Radio, along with other radio shows, and is a becoming a requested speaker at gay and gay Christian events. is the Internet’s largest devoted gay Christians personals & matchmaking site.

Justin Cannon, 21 years old, spent 11 years of his young life in an intentional Christian community in the inner city of Detroit. Now he is majoring in French with minors in both Religion and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Earlham College. Raised in the Episcopal Church, later interest in Catholic, Orthodox, and Quaker theologies have him led towards an ecumenical perspective that recognizes a deep sense of unity among Christians that transcends the walls of denominations. After he graduates, he plans to attend seminary to pursue priesthood in the Episcopal Church.


Dallas Diocese’s only Latin Mass church, Mater Dei, celebrates opening of Irving sanctuary

Dallas Diocese’s only Latin Mass church, Mater Dei, celebrates opening of Irving sanctuary
Bishop Kevin Farrell of the Diocese of Dallas will come to Irving this morning to bless a former Korean Methodist church building that had a $ 600,000 makeover to become Mater Dei’s worship space.
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Church News
God’s Holy Temple Church Of God In Christ, 301 East 3rd Ave. in the Home Center downtown Corsicana.
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Church Briefs
GRESHAM – Carpool, fill up the car with your friends and come to the York Zone LWML Fall Rally, Sunday, Oct. 10 at St. Peter’s Gresham. Registration starts at 12:30 pm – and price of tickets is $ 3. Rally starts at 1 p.m.
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Atoning sacrifice – the only basis of salvation

Atoning sacrifice – the only basis of salvation

The dogma of redemption – is the heart of the Orthodox faith. All dogmatic statements in triadalogii, Christology, ecclesiology and soteriology tested Fathers of the Church especially in relation to the possibility of redemption and salvation of man by Christ. It is not only criterion of purity of faith, but also a stumbling block for heretics and false teachers of the apostolic age to the present day.

Dogma of Redemption particularly annoying liberal theologians, who like the ancient Jews did not want to admit that Christ has redeemed and freed them from bondage of sin and the devil’s power. They believe that they were born free and receive a paradise, as his ancestral heritage, and the gospel is regarded as a guide to self-improvement. They are alien to the dogma of redemption – it is the unshakable foundation, on which rests the New Testament Church.

In other religions, and in almost all religions dogma of redemption is absent or radically distorted. In Judaism, this dogma did not exist. According to the teaching of Talmud Adams sin does not extend to his descendants. Jew saved by the execution of the requirements of the Torah and the Talmud. Expected Messiah saves people from sin not, and Israel from its enemies. The most sinful of the Jews temporarily suffer in hell, but then receive forgiveness through the prayers of Abraham and other saints. Thus, in Judaism contains a unique national “apokatastasis.

To Islam the doctrine of redemption is absent. Execution of the Koran and the Sunna (tradition) is a guarantee of salvation for a Muslim. Mohammed is not the Redeemer, and Messenger, through which Allah revealed to people their will. The Quran categorically denies not only the Christian doctrine of the sacrifice of Christ, but the fact of the crucifixion. According to the teachings of the Koran, Jesus was taken to heaven like the prophet Elijah, and instead of him was crucified Simon Kirineysky (this idea is found already in the second century at the Gnostic Basilides). Muslims believe that all believers in Islam, no matter what sins they have committed, in the end will be forgiven and saved by the prayers of Muhammad and his successors. Thus, in Islam we see the confessional “apokatastasis.

In Buddhism, as there is no idea of any redemption. Buddhism rejects the existence of God as absolute spirit. The idea of eternal life, as a continuation of life, arouses Buddhist horror and disgust, he seeks salvation at death, immersing himself in a mental vacuum, where there are no feelings, thoughts and desires. This mental samoumerschvlenie perceived them as the highest metaphysical state. Nirvana – a breakthrough in an image and feeling the emptiness of their existence as antibytiya where there is suffering – a cherished goal of Buddhism.
Paganism, in the very high ups and the ancient Hindu philosophy and mythology, knew nothing about the world the redemptive sacrifice, which will bring God for humanity. In Hinduism, salvation is a dissolution of the individual in the outer, space – in meonicheskom, meonicheskogo – in absolute terms, the personality, as such, disappears savior is Shiva – Indian Satan, who destroys worlds.

Only Christianity has brought the world the good news that humanity is redeemed by the blood of Christ. On this news pagan and Jewish world has responded to severe persecution. Cross of Christ seemed pagan philosophers madness, and Jewish teachers – the humiliation of a deity. However, in the days of the apostles among the Christians there were heretics-Docket, which taught that Christ came to earth a dream in a certain etheric body. This heresy rejected the dogma of redemption. If Christ did not take human flesh, His suffering illusory, it means that redemption is also illusory, and she turns into a scene of Calvary, where the role of magician performs the Son of God. This heretical doctrine of “divine deception” was so harmful and blasphemous, that the apostle John forbade Christians to let the preachers Docetism in their homes and even welcome them at the meeting.

Other Gnostics also denied the atoning sacrifice of Christ the Savior. The Gnostics of the first century, Simon Magus carried with him a woman named Helen – the whore of Tyre, and taught that his wife was the image of the human soul, and he was – the embodiment of a god or higher aeon, who took in their communication to a fallen woman. This indulgent deity to replace the harlot redemption Simon the sorcerer.

Several departing from the theme, we note the following. Confused and obscure the teachings of Simon the sorcerer looks like. Divine birth to thought – enniyu; enniya creates angels, and those rebelling against their ancestors and place it in the bonds of matter. Enniya passes into the body of Helen the Beautiful, because of which had fallen Troy, and Helen-prostitute from Tyre, which Simon Magus makes his companion. Vicious lives of women, which is embodied enniya not defile the very enniyu and she remains in the body whores clean spark of deity. Therein lies the secret teachings of the Gnostics that the soul does not depend on bodily affairs, as the royal prisoner does not lose his dignity because he is not in the palace, but in a dark dungeon. This means that you can be given to vices and remain clean.

Another Gnostic Carpocrates developed the theory of Simon the sorcerer. He believed the body of a constant enemy of souls and taught that we should indulge in debauchery to iznemozhit and kill the body, and allow the soul rather be free from oppression. The humiliation of the body through the vices and depravity Carpocrates believed salvation of the soul and the analog of redemption. That infamous doctrine of Syrian Gnostics later gave its readers writer Satanist Anatole France in the story “Taisa” where prostitution, presented as a kind of redemption.

Second century Gnostic Basilides theogonic creates a system of 360 eons by the number of days a year. Aeon Sophia falls from the Pleroma – the fullness of life and wallowing in a swamp of substance. It condescends to it one of the highest eons – Christ and the shining of his light opens her the glory she had while in pleroma. Following Christ Sophia returned to his heavenly abode. There is no redemption here. A well-known church historian Robertson wrote: “The doctrine of atonement was incompatible with the start of Basilides. He has taken no other excuse than a justification through improvements in the consecration, and declared that everyone will answer for his own sins “(” History of the Christian Church, Robertson, a fact 45.str.). Basilides denied original sin and the atoning sacrifice of Christ, and reduces everything to learning.

The largest second-century Gnostic was Valentine, who described the vicissitudes and wanderings of Sofia, in the spirit dedektivno-mystical novel. In contrast, Basilides he admitted redemption, but in such a distorted and distorted form, that it had nothing to do with the apostolic teaching about Christ’s sacrifice.

Valentin divided people into three groups: physical, mental and spiritual. In order to save spiritual people (the tires) were enough knowledge of the Gnostic teachings, and they were saved, regardless of their own affairs and moral prescriptions. For the soul, which include Valentine attributed church Christians, Jesus was crucified, before the crucifixion he left the divine aeon-Christ and his own supreme spirit. Through the crucifixion, Jesus showed sincere Christians (mind) how to improve themselves through suffering. Here was an example, and not a scapegoat, and the impact such catharsis in the ancient tragedy. Mental, in contrast to the spiritual, could be saved or perish according to his deeds.

Every heresy associated with rejection or distortion of the dogma of redemption. If there is no redemption, the Christological dogmas lose their meaning, and they become indifferent to soteriology. Humanity could redeem only God-man who has the fullness of God’s existence and perfection of human nature. And to show the moral precepts and example of Christ could, in the interpretation of the Gnostics, Nestorians and monophysites.
If Christ is not the Redeemer, and the teacher, the Christology is no longer necessary for salvation, as an example and teachings of the Divine are external to the man, and redemption – the replacement of human Son of God on the cross, that is mystical ontology.

Why Orthodox theologians, apologists so implacably fought the Arians, considering this heresy loss of eternal life? Because the Son of God, not equal to God the Father and the other to him by nature, could not produce a perfect, infinite, in dignity, a sacrifice of atonement for all mankind, and to mediate between the Holy Trinity and the descendants of Adam.

Why does the Orthodox Church for centuries has fought and is fighting with Monophysitism? Because Monophysitism distorts the doctrine of redemption. If a single nature of Christ, it is not clear who suffered on the cross, who died and rose again: in fact the Divine impassive and unchangeable. If Jesus had a divine nature, then, how can humanity have been replaced by Christ on Calvary?

Nestorianism, with his doctrine of the sinful nature of Jesus and the two individuals connected to him morally and perverting the doctrine of the atonement. If human nature is sinful, then the suffering and death are consequences of sin, and not a voluntary victim.

Catholics and a large proportion of Protestants believe in the redemption of man by Christ, but ecclesiological mistake their confessions do not give them the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of redemption.

Currently active forces that want to reform Christianity in the spirit of humanism and liberalism, ridicule

The Eastern ORTHODOX Church is the ONLY TRUE and Apostolic CHURCH. part 2 of 3 – American documentary: “The Ancient Church”

How old is the ORTHODOX faith? If you are a Lutheran, your religion was founded by Martin Luther, an ex-monk of the Catholic Church, in the year 1517. If you belong to the Church of England, your religion was founded by King Henry VIII in the year 1534 because the Pope would not grant him a divorce with the right to re-marry. If you are a Presbyterian, your religion was founded by John Knox in Scotland in the year 1560. If you are a Congregationalist, your religion was originated by Robert Brown in Holland in 1582. If you are Protestant Episcopalian, your religion was an offshoot of the Church of England, founded by Samuel Senbury in the American colonies in the 17th century. If you are a Baptist, you owe the tenets of your religion to John Smyth, who launched it in Amsterdam in 1606. If you are of the Dutch Reformed Church, you recognize Michelis Jones as founder because he originated your religion in New York in 1628. If you are a Methodist, your religion was founded by John and Charles Wesley in England in 1774. If you are a Mormon (Latter Day Saints), Joseph Smith started your religion in Palmyra, New York, in 1829. If you worship with the Salvation Army, your sect began with William Booth in London in 1865. If you are Christian Scientist, you look to 1879 as the year in which your religion was born and to Mary Baker Eddy as its founder. If you belong to one of the religious organizations known as “Church of the Nazarene, Pentecostal Gospel,” “Holiness Church,” or

Is Jesus Christ The Only Intercessor Between God And Man?

Is Jesus Christ The Only Intercessor Between God And Man?

How should we approach the God the Father? How should we really begin and end a prayer to God? Did Jesus say that he is the ONLY route to the Father?

It is true that Christ said that:

“No one comes to the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6)

Elsewhere we read:

“There is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” (1 Tim 2:5)

Well, everyday we entreat people to pray for us and would not hesitate to shout “Amen!” to any prayer that sounds just right in our ears. Even the Bible encourages us to pray for one another:

“Therefore confess … and pray for one another … The prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effects.” (James 5:16)

“You also must help us in prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us in answer to many prayers.” (2 Cor 1:11)

Ordinary human beings had prayed for other people and God heard their prayers:

“Then Abraham prayed to God and God healed Abimelech and healed his wife and his female slaves so that they bore children.” (Gen 20:17)

“Now then, restore the man’s wife; for he is a prophet, and he will pray for you, and you shall live.” (Gen 20:7)

“Go to my servant Job … and my servant Job shall pray for you, for I will accept his prayer not to deal with you according to your folly. So Eliphaz the Temanite and Bildad the Shuhite and Zophar the Naamathite went and did what the Lord had told them; and the Lord accepted Job’s prayer.” (Job 42:8-9)

In the New Testament, we hear James urging the faithful to:

“Pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effects.” (James 5:16)

Paul, even as powerful as one might think, finds it necessary to solicit for the prayers of others:

“Pray also that God might rescue us from wicked and evil people; for not everyone believes the message.” (2 Thess 3:2)

The Church did not cease to pray for Peter when he was imprisoned:

“So Peter was kept in prison; but earnest prayer for him was made to God by the church.” (Acts 12:5)

Clearly, Christ is not the only intercessor between God and man. We can ask our fellow men and women to pray for us, to intercede for us before God. It is biblical and we do it everyday. And John tells us that the prayer of a saint is efficacious:

“The prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effects.” (James 5:16)

Let us mark the angels out for some examination. Angels perform a special role in the life of every Christian. God has assigned a guardian angel to each person, who provides spiritual and physical protection to the individual:

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones; for I tell you that in heaven their (guardian) angels always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven.” (Matt 18:10)

As our spiritual guards who stand in the presence of God, we can appeal to them to intercede for us before God Whom they behold face to face. Jesus provided an example:

“Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, and he will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels?” (Matt 26:53)

“He will give his angels charge of you to guide you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you cast your foot against a stone.” (Psalms 91:11-12)

The Old Testament is full of instances of angels bringing messages from God to men. Angels are not only messengers from God to men, they are also messengers from men to God. So they can and do indeed take our prayers and petitions to God just as they bring messages from God to us:

“Another angel came and stood at the altar with a gold censer, and he was given much incense to mingle with the prayers of all the saints (that is, the righteous people on earth) upon the golden altar before the throne and the smoke of the incense rose with the prayers of the saints from the hands of the angels before God.” (Rev 8:3-4)

Angels have been helpful to men; that was why the dying Tobias could say in thanksgiving:

“Blessed art thou, O God and blessed is thy name for ever, and blessed are all thy holy angels.” (Tobit 13:14)

Michael and the good angels beat Satan and his cursed legion once (Rev 12:7-9). If we appeal to Michael and the other “holy angels” in time of need, especially to help us ward off the attacks of Satan and the evil spirits, they will beat them again. It is therefore proper and biblical to pray to God through His “holy angels”. If ordinary people on Earth can pray for people efficaciously, how much more should we not ask the angels and saints who stand in the presence of God to pray for us?

Besides praying to the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ, we should also pray through, and implore the angels and the saints in heaven, and especially the Mother of God – the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for us as they are close to God. God allows it. The Bible says so.

The author is primarily concerned with searching the Scriptures for biblical proofs of Catholic doctrines, teachings and practices. A compilation of his work can be found at: