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Doctrinal Regeneration is just as dangerous and damning as Decisional Regeneration. Although John Wesley was Semi-Pelagian Arminian doctrinally. This movie reveals Wesley’s struggle with the fruit by-produce of Arminianism how a synergistic salvation will always produce the doubting of carnal works. The ultimate proof to you of your salvation is in the continual witness of the Holy Spirit presence produced by the hearing of abiding in the doctrine of Christ 2 John 1-9-11. This testifies to us, our regeneration by the Holy Spirit and love for God’s Word. Which in turn, God’s Holy Word the Bible, witnesses back to us the truth concerning our new birth and life in the Holy Spirit witness. Without this continual witness of the Holy Spirit, mans fleshly wisdom and carnal mind is all that is known. Man’s natural mind trying to interpret Scripture will inevitably bring the leaven and spread of man made doctrines and the honest doubting Wesley knew. This movie’s plot reveals that Wesley’s mental assent to information about the Gospel, concerned Wesley’s Father enough to confront His son about truly not being continually saved by the witness of God. Arminianism and it’s mantra prayers of “repeat after me” do not produce continual salvation abiding living faith, which is the proof and fruit of true abiding salvation. Flesh lead works that Arminianism facilitates produces doubts of the “operation of God” Colossians 2:12. The abundant evidence of dicisional prayer decisions that

Decode the Scene GAME – Dennis Quaid Sarah Jessica Parker Thomas Haden Church MOVIE CLIPS

Dennis Quaid Sarah Jessica Parker Thomas Haden Church MOVIE CLIPS click to subscribe Janet’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) unexpected presence at Christmas dinner receives a mixed response from the Wetherhold family. TM & © Miramax Films (2012) Cast: Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, Thomas Haden Church, Ellen Page, Ashton Holmes Director: Noam Murro MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: Join our Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter: Buy Movie: Producer: Omar Amanat, Deborah Aquila, Steffen Aumueller, Bill Block, Said Boudarga, Claus Clausen, Michael Costigan, Marina Grasic, Paul Hanson, Bridget Johnson, Michael London, Kenneth Orkin, Bruna Papandrea, Jennifer Roth, Edward Rugoff, Glenn M. Stewart, John Woldenberg Screenwriter: Mark Poirier Film Description: Commercial director Noam Murro makes the leap to feature films with this comedy drama concerning an aging professor-turned-bitter eccentric due to the death of his longtime wife. Ever since his wife passed away, Lawrence Wetherhold (Dennis Quaid) has become overly acerbic and self-absorbed. He’s alienated his son (Ashton Holmes) and transformed his daughter (Ellen Page) into a friendless overachiever. Now, at the precise moment Lawrence thought he had finally figured it all out, his life comes crashing down all around him as he falls for a former student (Sarah Jessica Parker) and his shiftless adopted brother (Thomas Haden Church) comes knocking on the door in search of a place to stay. Though Lawrence

The Story Behind the Movie “Courageous” — Alex & Stephen Kendrick 1/2

Jim Cantelon sits down with the creators of “Fireproof” and “Facing the Giants” to talk about their latest film, “Courageous.” Find out how the Kendrick brothers reflect God’s heart to empower men around the world. Alex Kendrick Director/Writer/Actor Stephen Kendrick Producer/ Writer To Purchase: “The Resolution” please go to
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Church: The Movie

Church: The Movie

With a financial crisis looming, the members of a local Church are faced with the very real possibility of having to put their Church up for sale. With chaos surrounding the Church’s future, its members are plunged into spiritual doubt as well. It s up to the congregation to band together and through music and God’s guidance, save the Church and themselves. Join a musical journey of praise, forgiveness & redemption.

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Auditions held worldwide for New Testament movie casting

Auditions held worldwide for New Testament movie casting
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is looking for cast members for a large film project re-creating important…
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Charlotte Church Heading ‘Back’ to U.S. in 2011
Nearly a decade after her last U.S. release, 24-year-old Welsh singer Charlotte Church will issue sixth studio album “Back to Scratch” in the States in early 2011.
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Music Review: Nico Muhly – A Good Understanding and I Drink the Air Before Me
Composer Nico Muhly was the focus of a 2008 New Yorker profile that paints his talent as that of an omnivorous musical intellect. His work is grounded in the classics but is very much of the twenty-first century. The young composer (born in 1981) continues to explore the varieties of contemporary classical …