Latter-Day Commentary on the Book of Mormon: Insights From Prophets, Church Leaders, and Scholars

Latter-Day Commentary on the Book of Mormon: Insights From Prophets, Church Leaders, and Scholars

  • The Best Selling Book of Mormon Commentary now on CD-Rom

*Thousands of statements by Prophets, General Authorities, and scriptural scholars. *Split screen that lets you read commentaries alongside Book of Mormon *Online coach

List Price: $ 19.95

Price: $ 19.95

How can female preachers be leaders in Christs church?

Question by Project Nature 5: How can female preachers be leaders in Christs church?
Female preachers reject these verses;
1Cor.14:34-35 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.

35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.

Best answer:

Answer by Donny
They follow in the tradition of the Prophetess Deborah who was appointed by God to lead Israel.

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Stonebridge Church Community Youth Leaders playing Blind-folded Moving Musical Chairs

Watch Later Stonebridge Church Community Nerf DartDodgeball Part 2by Jen Evans 7 views; 118. Watch Later Stonebridge Church Community Nerf DartDodgeball Part 3by Jen Evans 19 views; 951. Watch Later BWW Wing Master Challengeby 1bblume 205 views; 011. Watch Later Shooting Mossberg 20 gauge Model 88by Jen Evans No views; 319. Watch Later Pin the moustache on netoby amagar 8 views; 228. Watch Later Youth leaders playing Blindfolded musical chairsby Jen Evans 55 views

Suffragan Bishop C. Shawn Tyson Part 1 – 2012 PAW Pastors & Ministry Leaders Summit

Suffragan Bishop C. Shawn Tyson, Pastor Mt. Calvary Pentecostal Church Youngstown, OH & Christ Church Apostolic Indianapolis, IN presents a seminar “Generational Divide – How To Bridge The Gap.” during the 2012 Pentecostal Assemblies World Inc. Pastors & Ministry Leaders Summit in Indianapolis, IN 12/13/12. Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Inc. ( Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, Presiding Bishop Bishop Richard E. Young, 1st Assistant Presiding Bishop Bishop Theodore Brooks, 2nd Assistant Presiding Bishop

The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make

The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make

Although leadership is the hot topic on conference agendas and book tours, most people who find themselves in positions of leadership have little or no training for the role. They simply continue to make the same old mistakes.

With additional and newly updated material, this leadership classic reveals the most common errors that leaders consistently make-regardless of training or age-and the way to stop these bad habits from undermining their positive talents and accomplishments.

Whether you are leading a company, a ministry, a Girl Scout troop, or your family, The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make is a must-read for anyone who wants to lead others effectively.

“If you’re like me, you’ve grown weary of the published cookie-cutter approaches on how to lead effectively. And so has Hans Finzel. He drills to the core of the current issues on effective leadership.”
-Charles R. Swindoll, author and president of Dallas Theological Seminary

“This is one of the most practical books on leadership I have in my own library. If you are serious about becoming a better leader, you will want to read this book.”
-John C. Maxwell, author, speaker, and founder of the INJOY Group

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Price: $ 8.94

Do any of you know a complete list of the Church Leaders?

Question by isma: Do any of you know a complete list of the Church Leaders?
I need a website wherein it lists down all of the Church leaders and their roles in the Church. I need this by Wednesday, Jan. 16. I’ve tried wikipedia but still nothing. Please try to answer as fast as you can.

Best answer:

Answer by WG
A list of all the Church Leaders in the world, would be quite long

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Guitar Tool Worship Edition Helps Worship Leaders Create, Print and Share Their Guitar Compositions

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 6, 2006 -–

Midisoft Corp., developers of award-winning music software, announces the release of Guitar Tool Worship Edition, a new program packed with powerful features for the novice and advanced worship guitarist.

The Worship Edition of Guitar Tool boasts all the same features in the original Guitar Tool software, including an extensive Chord Dictionary, Tuner, Metronome, Song Editor and Player, as well as notational software to print scores. The new Worship Edition incorporates more than 1,000 well-loved editable worship hymns for the guitar-based church music director.

The hymns previously included in Midisoft’s acclaimed Worship Studio software have been converted to PG3 files and are now a part of Guitar Tool, enabling guitarists to utilize the same time-honored songs that worship musicians love, including holiday favorites. The hymns can be edited, rearranged, and printed for performance or ensemble use.

In addition, Guitar Tool features five essential music components:

    Song Editor – Allows you to create a PG3 song file by providing lyrics and chords, or you can import from the thousands of lyric text files available on the Internet. Edit your song’s rhythm and style, and even make I easier to play with the Simplify Chords feature. Add a MIDI track to your song for a drum base line, a back-up melody, or even a guitar solo.

    Song Player – Plays your songs by showing you the lyrics and chords, as well as the fingering and notation. Transpose your song into any key and print the lyrics together with the chords. Also controls playback tempo. Aids in learning your favorite song with a visual representation of the fingering and chord application.

    Chord Dictionary – Includes more than 3,000 chords. Practice and learn chord fingering, notation, and even intervals at your own pace. Import chord information from lyric/chord text files. Shows you many ways to play each chord, and even features customized fretboard views. You can create customized chords, and it allows you to draw a chord on the fretboard to find out its name and other possible variations. Excellent for beginners, skilled players, and even songwriters looking for that perfect, yet elusive chord.

    Metronome – The built-in metronome keeps you on top of the rhythm, not behind it. You can choose the desired tempo in pre-defined measures/BPM (beats per minute), and select the timing of your measures. The TAP feature detects your song’s tempo automatically.

    Tuner – Accurately and precisely helps you tune your instrument by using your computer’s microphone or your instrument cable. Helps you improve your musical ear by listening to the original tuning and comparing it. The Wizard helps you set up everything for easy use. And, it is able to do customized tunings for many stringed instruments including: Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Ukulele, Banjo, Violin, Violoncello, and Viola.

Along with these five main components, Guitar Tool also features a bonus music writing program so users can print out their songs in sheet music form, and even burn their creations to MP3, WAV, or Windows Media formats. The program is MIDI compatible and is able to work with multiple MIDI controllers. The notation software allows you to print your song creations, while the sequencer helps you share your music by creating MP3, Wav, and Windows Media Format files. Also includes plug-ins like transpose, quantize, copy, merge, split, revoice, and nudge.

Midisoft continues to be an active participant and leader in the worship market and is a proud and active member of The Gospel Music Association (GMA) and Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA). In addition, Midisoft is currently workshopping its line of worship software throughout the country, for worship leaders and worship chorus directors.


Guitar Tool Worship Edition is PC compatible. It is available now at a retail price of .00 through Navarre Distributing, Appalachian Distributors, Steptime Ware Distributing and at select Christian book and music stores, and through music and software retailers nationwide. To order, or for dealer information, contact Midisoft at 1-866-MIDISOFT, or visit

About Midisoft Corporation

Midisoft Corp. develops award-winning consumer, business and OEM products sold to retailers, educators, and worship music leaders worldwide. For more than 15 years, Midisoft has developed the technologies needed to turn the PC into a key component in making music for anyone interested in creating and sharing music. Midisoft is dedicated to providing the most innovative, rewarding, intelligent, and easy-to-use PC sound solutions for Windows and now Apple operating systems. For sound MIDI or digital audio, Midisoft guarantees 100 percent satisfaction from all their products. .

# # #

Creator Leadership Network Launches Two Online Radio Streams Providing Practical Teaching & Training For Worship Leaders & Church Musicians

Hear it Today… Use it Tomorrow!

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (PRWEB) September 16, 2010

Creator Leadership Network (CLN) unveiled today the public launch of the first-ever online radio stations exclusively devoted to teaching and training for worship leaders and church musicians at CLN is committed to providing the best, targeted programming to train and encourage worship leaders and church musicians via online streaming radio and podcast access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; Creator Leadership Network has been created to be an online resource for the needs of this unique community.

“I have been a featured speaker at choral and worship conferences for many years,” states Dr. Vernon Sanders, co-founder of Creator Leadership Network (CLN,) “It has been my desire to take those conference sessions and make them more available. I found I wasn’t alone.”

“By providing daily 24/7 access to professional quality teaching and training, CLN is able to help worship leaders and church musicians improve their craft at a faster pace than by only being able to hear speakers at conferences once or twice a year.” envisions Scott A. Shuford. “Our goal is to improve believers’ lives by deepening the worship of God worldwide.”

Creator Leadership Network is committed to provide content through two online radio channels and podcasts. All programming is in half-hour or one-hour blocks, and is directly targeted to the needs and interests of the audience.


The first of two channels, CREATOR WORSHIP is the channel for contemporary worship leaders who lead a contemporary or even more progressive pop-culture service format. This channel focuses on experience and training from worship leaders and experts like Worship Team Training’s Branon Dempsey and Derek Williams, Saddleback Church’s Rick Muchow, or live music producer Tom Jackson. Creator Worship is for musicians who like Lincoln Brewster, Hillsong, Vicky Beeching or the Catalyst movement.

CREATOR REVERENCE is “home” for traditional music ministers and choir directors. This channel features insights from choral legends like Doug Lawrence, Joseph Martin or The Fred Bock Music Hour. Creator Reverence includes programming on church history, classic art forms and ensemble performance with more traditional church instruments.

Creator Leadership Network has also created a unique network that allows industry influencers the ability to create programming in a radio or infomercial format that targets the needs and wants of this audience. This gives other organizations that fit the qualifications of the site the ability to provide additional quality content to the Creator Leadership Network audience.


Creator Leadership Network is founded by Dr. Vernon Sanders, publisher of Creator Magazine, and Scott A. Shuford, founder of FrontGate Media and partner at Extra Mile Merch.

Creator publisher DR. VERNON SANDERS has been involved in Church Music and Worship Ministry in some capacity since 1957 serving as rock musician, college professor, expatriate, jazz pianist, a non-profit arts foundation administrator, an author, and a music publisher. He served for many years as Associate Professor/Director of Choral Activities at the University of Regina, Canada, and was Director of Music Ministry at Trinity Presbyterian Church in San Carlos, California for 16 years before “retiring” to devote more time to his family and his position as publisher of Creator Magazine. His education includes a BA (Music Education) and MA (Historical Musicology) from UCLA, and a DMA (Conducting) from Stanford University, but he learned the most about what music is about and how to interpret it from John Nelson in Aspen, and John Alldis in Europe. He was the founding president of the Saskatchewan Choral Federation, the founding Executive Director of the Schuyler Institute for the Arts in Worship, and the founding Charter Member of the Association of Canadian Choral Conductors. Dr. Sanders served for nearly ten years as the Executive Director of the National Association of Church Musicians. He was for 20 years the managing partner of Thomas House Publications, a music publishing company which was subsequently purchased by the Fred Bock Music Company. His published choral works appear in a number of catalogs, and choirs under his direction have appeared on regional and national radio and television in the US and Canada. He is a frequent workshop leader and guest speaker throughout North America.

SCOTT A. SHUFORD founded FrontGate Media in 2001, a unique concept that has grown to become the #1 pop-culture media group reaching the faith and family audience connecting organizations to every Christian consumer demographic. His media group audience consists of 15 million subscribers, 25 million monthly page views, and 600,000 attendees at their events. The firm reaches just under 500,000 worship leaders and church musicians making it also #1 in reach to that audience. Mr Shuford has been featured in ADWEEK, and is a regular columnist for Worship Musician! magazine. He has been featured guest speaker at the NAMM 2010 show, Christian Musician Summit 2010 events, Comic-Con International 2010, the Biola Media Conference and other events. He is also a founding partner at Extra Mile Merch, a successful apparel design and manufacturing service whose clients include the award-winning dance crew The Groovaloos, Luis Palau’s CityFest, S3 Magazine, Gotee recording artist B.Reith, Agape Attire, and others. For 10 years Shuford served as a principal in the Orange County, California based ad agency he co-founded originally under the name Big Man Creative. The agency served a diverse clientele, launching consistently successful, innovative campaigns for notable companies such as IHOP, World Vision, Del Taco, Initium Eyewear, Krikorian Premier Theaters, and OCTFCU that garnered coverage in Direct Marketing News, Orange County Business Journal, Orange County Register and Small Biz Technology. In 1997, Shuford brought to market, one of the first Christian music web sites, which was later purchased by as the foundation of their Entertainment Division. With a heart for the intersection between philanthropy and the arts, Shuford currently serves on Advisory Boards for the Biola Media Conference and the Christian Comic Arts Society, and is active with The Barnabas Group, Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, and Visual Story Network. Mr. Shuford is a graduate of San Jose State University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Marketing Concentration. Upon graduation he was awarded SJSU’s Alpha Al Sirat Award, the highest honor presented annually by the School Of Business to one male and one female outstanding graduating senior.


Worship Team Training®

featuring Branon Dempsey and Derek Williams

Worship Team Training serves church worship ministries by providing live workshops and online resources to help inspire, create and transform the leading of worship since 2002. Branon Dempsey responded to God’s call to ministry in 1993 to help connect people to Christ through worship ministry. In the same way, God has called you – to reach people for His purposes. The Lord desires for His people to respond to Him in worship as a life – not as a style. The question is, how are you being equipped to reach people through your gifts and skills that are focused in a way that rightly honors the Lord while edifying His Church?

Expressive Worship Tips

from Tom Jackson Productions

Tom Jackson, the #1 Live Music Producer in the industry, helps artists and worship teams develop their songs into “unique memorable moments.” Expressive Worship is a creation of Tom Jackson Productions. It was inspired by Tom’s unique giftedness for helping singers and musicians connect emotionally to the people listening to them, and by Tom’s passion in believing that worship is one of the most important places to have that connection. The Expressive Worship tips from Tom and his team will help you to more effectively guide your worship teams, your own calling as a worship artist, and other Christian musicians into serving as channels of God’s grace. Tom created specific methods and resources based on his seasoned and proven Live Music Methods.

Living A Life Of Worship

featuring Rick Muchow (Saddleback Church)

Rick Muchow is the Pastor of Worship at Saddleback Church. He has been serving faithfully at Saddleback for 21 years and oversees the Worship Arts ministry which consists of the Creative Arts, Technical Arts and Worship Leadership Teams. Rick also serves as one of 7 Elders which serve the ministry at Saddleback. Rick has recorded 11 albums and has 84 songs registered with CCLI. Encouraging Music publishes all of Rick’s music including sheet music and companion resources for the Worship Leader and congregations worldwide. Rick is the author of The Worship Answer Book published by Thomas Nelson and is a Contributing Editor for Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal.

Creator Tech Talk

with Wade Odum

Creator Tech Talk is a program focused on the bridging of gaps that can arise between those leading in Worship and those serving in a media technical capacity. Join Wade as he features practical suggestions with problem solving techniques for those who seek unity between the “folks in the back” and the “folks up front.” Listen to interviews with Media Tech Engineers, as well as Music Ministers and Worship Leaders alike. Wade Odum has over 35 years of media technology experience. Wade has served two of California’s largest Presbyterian Churches: as Chief Audio Engineer/Technician with Menlo Park Presbyterian, and as Director of Media Technologies with Fair Oaks Presbyterian.

Indie Extreme’s Living in the Moment

with Richie Fike

Indie Extreme’s “Living In The Moment” is hosted by Richie Fike of Fike & Dana. The show is a “Dan Patrick Show” styled talk show with discussions on worship as well as interviews with artists, worship leaders, and songwriters. It also includes a weekly Indie Extreme artist spotlight. Indie Extreme is a label services company partnering with industry distribution giant Universal Music Christian Group to provide major label services to independent artists and labels. Over the last 2 years, Indie Extreme has worked with worship songwriter and artist Richie Fike of the award-winning band, Fike & Dana to accomplish the development of their music, goals and brand. Richie is the full time Worship Pastor at Vanguard Church in Colorado Springs, CO and a writer with Integrity Music Publishing. Fike & Dana won “Song of The Year” at GMA in the Rockies 2008 for their worship song “Ascend to Heaven”. The song was picked up along with “Not Just A Story” by Lillenas Publishing and included in the 2009 Easter Choral Program titled “Ascend to Heaven”. Fike and Dana were named the 2009 New Artist in Worship Leader magazine and have had several featured stories over this past year along with the inclusion of “Who is Like the Father” in the October 2009 SongDiscovery.’s Straight To The Point

with Jaime Wilson is the best in class, definitive online destination for the Christian music fan. Filled with rich content covering the entire Christian music industry, HIF boasts an array of site features including Exclusive Content Rich Media—videos, photos & audio streams, Genre Sections, Artist Pages, News, New Releases, Store, Tour Information, Community and Blogs. is the destination for Christian music fans to connect with a community of other fans and enjoy the newest and most exclusive information about their favorite artists.’s New Music Update

hosted by Bill Lurwick

Since 2006, has been giving listeners a quick introduction to what’s new each week in Christian music. The New Music Update with Bill Lurwick will help keep you “in the know” about Christian music releases.

Power Praise – Top Worship Music Programming

hosted by Ray Gauthier & Adrian Scott

Power Praise is a weekly, 2-hour music show featuring independent artist singles from CRW’s Global AC, CHR, and INSPO charts. Hosted by Ray Gauthier and Adrian Scott, the show also includes the best releases from major artists.

20 The Countdown Magazine

hosted by Jon Rivers

Jon Rivers counts down the Top 20 AC Christian singles, as compiled by CRW Radio Advisor, includes Christian Music News, weekly Artist Spotlight, and Jon’s Future Favorite.

Under the Radar – Independent Artists Show

with Dave Trout

Under The Radar highlights some of the best undiscovered and under-appreciated tunes from Christian artists. Host Dave Trout shares stories, spiritual insight, and exclusive artist interviews to discover the depth of faith and creativity found in the music.


Doug’s Master Class

with Doug Lawrence

Doug Lawrence is part of that unusual group of people for whom one career simply isn’t enough. He has served in the academic community at five institutions of higher learning, sung in the Hollywood studios for many years in movies such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind and supplied singing voices for many of Hollywood’s biggest stars. In television he has been involved in nearly 200 network programs over a 40- year span. Doug’s bass-baritone soloist concert career has taken him around the world several times singing with nearly every major orchestra in the world under the batons of conductors such as Leonard Bernstein, Sir Georg Solti, and Erich Leinsdorf, to name a few. For more than 40 years Doug’s influence has also been felt as a conductor, visionary, and advisor to the churches of North America and parts of Asia and included major program enhancements at two of the largest Presbyterian churches in the world. More recently, Doug has become a trusted coach and advisor to business executives who rely on him to focus, clarify, and enhance their presentation and messaging skills. His clients include many major corporation CEOs. He also serves as CEO of Speaking as a Performing Art.©

Creator Tech Talk

with Wade Odum

(listed previously)

Just Pure Laughs

with Dan McGowan

Dan McGowan is an established composer and songwriter of Christian songs for children and adults. His songs have appeared on audio and video projects produced by several top publishers in the Christian marketplace. When he is not writing songs for worship, Dan tours the country as a clean/Christian comic and entertainer helping churches put together outreach events and making people laugh for appreciation dinners, banquets, fundraisers, session meetings and more. Dan, who was a 1st Place Winner in the 2009 Branson Comedy Festival, and appeared on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” is based out of Denver, Colorado.

Let Music Live!

featuring noted composer/arranger Joseph Martin

Joseph Martin is Director of Sacred Publications of Shawnee Press, overseeing the editorial and creative direction of the company. He has performed solo piano recitals and has been the featured artist with symphony orchestras in the United States and Mexico. Though he continues to perform in concert, he now devotes his efforts to playing in churches and for conferences of church musicians. His first solo piano recording, “American Tapestry”, was nominated for a Dove Award. He has recorded for Yamaha’s Disklavier series and has composed hundreds of commissioned works. Recognized throughout the United States for his many choral compositions, Joseph has over a thousand compositions currently in print. His music can be heard in such diverse locations as Carnegie Hall in New York City; the Lawrence Welk Theatre in Branson, Missouri; and in hundreds of worship services in churches across the United States and Canada.

With Hearts and Hands and Voices

featuring Mark Lawson, President of MorningStar Music Publishers

Mark Lawson reviews new choral publications and tried and true favorites from the MorningStar catalog. Mark Lawson has been President of MorningStar Music Publishers since 1997. He is also active in the Church Music Publishers Association and the National Music Publishers Association. Prior to joining MorningStar he served as the Minister of Music in churches in Missouri and Louisiana. From 1997 to 2003 he conducted the Gateway Ringers, a select handbell ensemble active in the St. Louis metro area. He remains active as a clinician and writer.

The Fred Bock Music Hour

with Stephen Bock

An exciting hour of interviews with some of the most creative people in church music, hosted by Stephen Bock, this show is more than just listening to great music. It is a journey to better understand the people involved in its creation and how each piece can be effectively used in worship. Stephen Bock serves as President of Fred Bock Music Company. After graduating from Occidental College, Mr. Bock spent fifteen years in the television and film business, working as a writer, producer, and editor on many award winning documentaries and network specials. Following the untimely death of his father, Fred, Stephen returned to the family business in 1999 and has been there ever since. He says that his tenure in the music publishing business has been a “thrilling ride and I’m glad to be working with such universally talented and nice people.” Currently, he is the President of the Church Music Publishers Association.

For more information on Creator Leadership Network, please contact:

Lori Lenz – FrontGate Media



Central New York pastors, church leaders meet to build partnerships, help each others’ congregations

Central New York pastors, church leaders meet to build partnerships, help each others’ congregations
Dennis Nett/The Post-StandardBill Redfield, (left) of Trinty Episcopal Church in Fayetteville, and Rev. Leslie Johnson, of Tucker Missionary Church in Syracuse, are participating in a meeting Thursday to bring together urban and suburban pastors. The meeting, hosted by InterFaith…
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Quincy culinary students to cook turkeys for Father Bill’s Thanksgiving dinner
Students in Quincy Public Schools’ culinary arts program will cook more than 70 turkeys to serve at Father Bill’s Mainspring’s Thanksgiving community dinner. The dinner will be held at Christ Episcopal Church in Quincy on Thanksgiving Day.
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Norwood Young America Times – Obituaries:
Mildred C. Hein passed away Oct. 27, 2010 at the home of Eunice and Rick Taylor in Plymouth, Mich. A funeral service was held at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Plymouth, Mich. on Friday, Oct. 29, 2010, at 1:30 p.m. An additional service took place, Monday, Nov. 1, 2010 at the Church of Peace in Norwood Young America, at 11 a.m. Interment was at Echo Cemetery in Echo, Minn. Mildred lived at Peace …
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Raul Castro, Catholic leaders open Cuban seminary

Raul Castro, Catholic leaders open Cuban seminary
Javier Galeano Cuba’s President Raul Castro attends the opening ceremony of a new Catholic seminary in Havana, Cuba, Wednesday Nov. 3, 2010. Castro joined Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski of Miami and other Roman Catholic leaders to open the national seminary, the first religious construction on the communist-run island in more than a half century.
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Baghdad church siege leaves 52 dead
Attack prompts worldwide condemnation and leaves Iraq’s beleaguered Christian community in despair At sunset yesterday, Raghada al-Wafi walked excitedly to mass with news for the priest who married her a month ago. Tonight, exactly 24 hours later, she returned to the Our Lady of Salvation church – this time carried by her family in a coffin that also contained her unborn child. Today the priest …
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