A Cry for Justice: How the Evil of Domestic Abuse Hides in Your Church

A Cry for Justice: How the Evil of Domestic Abuse Hides in Your Church

ABUSE IN THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST! IN MANY CHRISTIAN CIRCLES THIS MAY BE A TABOO SUBJECT spoken of in hushed tones or behind closed doors. But it is a very real problem that must be brought into the light of Scripture. Abuse in the church takes different forms, but it is alive and active even in nice families in our churches. Typically, the abuser is male, usually a husband and his character is that of a manipulating deceiver! Countless women and children even many faithful pastors have been abused by these deceivers. Have you, or someone you know, been a victim? Has an abuser: Threatened physical violence if he does not get his way? Intimidated you with abusive language? Denied affection? Denied you medical attention? Manipulated friends and acquaintances in order to gain allies? Pastor Jeff Crippen uses his over thirty years of pastoral experience to rip the lid off this most insidious behavior that is often hidden in plain sight. He not only maintains that Bible-believing churches have ignored or failed to face the problem, he insists that when they do counsel a victim of abuse, they get it all wrong! The result is that the victim gets pulled into deeper even life threatening danger! This book will come as a life saver in a raging sea for those under the thumb of an abusive spouse or friend ! The Lord Jesus Christ wants you to be free in Him: Spiritually, emotionally and, yes, physically (i.e., away from your oppressor)! Every pastor also needs to read this book, either because they too have been a victim, but, more importantly, so that they can properly counsel those caught in a cycle abuse. This may very well be the most important book addressed to the church on this issue.

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Church, State and Public Justice: Five Views

Church, State and Public Justice: Five Views

Abortion. Physician-assisted suicide. Same-sex marriages. Embryonic stem-cell research. Poverty. Crime. What is a faithful Christian response? The God of the Bible is unquestionably a God of justice. Yet Christians have had their differences as to how human government and the church should bring about a just social order. Although Christians share many deep and significant theological convictions, differences that threaten to divide them have often surrounded the matter of how the church collectively and Christians individually ought to engage the public square. What is the mission of the church? What is the purpose of human government? How ought they to be related to each other? How should social injustice be redressed? The five noted contributors to this volume answer these questions from within their distinctive Christian theological traditions, as well as responding to the other four positions. Through the presentations and ensuing dialogue we come to see more clearly what the differences are, where their positions overlap and why they diverge. The contributors and the positions taken include

  • Clarke E. Cochran: A Catholic Perspective
  • Derek H. Davis: A Classical Separation Perspective
  • Ronald J. Sider: An Anabaptist Perspective
  • Corwin F. Smidt: A Principled Pluralist Perspective
  • J. Philip Wogaman: A Social Justice Perspective

This book will be instructive for anyone seeking to grasp the major Christian alternatives and desiring to pursue a faithful corporate and individual response to the social issues that face us.

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Patricia Justice to Offer Free Seminar in Job Search Focus and Resume Writing

Marietta, GA (PRWEB) April 28, 2009

Patricia Justice will present a free workshop addressing two major roadblocks to finding new employment: getting a focus on your search and writing effective resumes. Responding to the current high unemployment rate and increasing difficulties of finding new employment, this free workshop will take place at 7 PM Thursday, April 30, at St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church, 571 Hold Road, Marietta, GA as part of their Career Ministry.

“The modern resume,” says Patricia Justice, “no longer exists as a list of job descriptions and previous employers. Nowadays an effective resume is a platform to showcase specific and quantifiable results. Writing this kind of resume is new to many people and can be downright terrifying. But it can be done and I want to help.”

Proper focus for a job search is paramount for a successful outcome. No employer wants to sift through all the things an applicant can or used to do. Consequently, job candidates need to focus on one goal and stick to it. Prospective employers want to know what, exactly, that person can do for them and that they do it better, or faster, or less expensively than the rest of the field.

Patricia is Founder & Principal of Justice HR Consulting, LLC, a professional services provider specializing in EEO Compliance and Training, HR Audits, Root Cause Analysis of employee issues and Employee On-boarding. Prior to establishing her own human resources services business she had a successful 25-year career in complex, multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted organizations and has successfully dealt with a wide variety of professional, technical, support, and administrative personnel from entry level to Boards of Directors. Patricia is also a Career Management Consultant with Right Management, the world’s leading global provider of integrated consulting solutions across the employment lifecycle.


Patricia Justice, Principal,

Justice HR Consulting, LLC



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Community Forum In Middletown To Address Education And Juvenile Justice

Community Forum In Middletown To Address Education And Juvenile Justice
A community forum on “The Intersection of Education and Juvenile Justice” will be held Oct. 25 from 6 to 8 p.m. at First Church of Christ Congregational, 90 Court St.
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Church forum on schools, city
STOCKTON – Candidates from two of the four Stockton Unified school board races are scheduled to participate Thursday night in a public forum at Greater White Rose Church of God in Christ, 2340 S. Pilgrim St.
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Today at a Glance
Ecumenical Healing Service, 7 p.m., Christ Episcopal Church, |15 West High St. in Ballston Spa; 885-1031.
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Boulder Rev. Jim McKeown, who focused on social justice, dies

Boulder Rev. Jim McKeown, who focused on social justice, dies
Jim McKeown, long-time priest at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, never shied away from adversity in his life’s work. He withstood death threats while working as a priest in Meridian, Miss., at the height of Southern resistance to the civil rights movement.
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Hanford Episcopal church celebrates its centennial
For 100 years now, there has been a silent witness to thecreation and growth of Hanford as a city – the historic buildingsof the Episcopal Church of the Saviour.
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Holley Church Hosts ‘Backpack Blessing’ Sunday
Some students and teachers in Orleans County are getting a back to school blessing before heading back to class. Worship service at the St. Paul Episcopal Church in Holley had a special focus Sunday, and it centered on honoring students and teachers.
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