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Daniel’s 70 Weeks for fulfilling God’s Eternal Plan through Jesus Christ. 70 Weeks stands for 70 x 7 = 490 years. 49 years for rebuilding Jerusalem. 434 year…
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The Ethiopian Church on the roof of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

The Ethiopian Church on the roof of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
Church Covenant
Image by eriktorner
"One of the doors on the roof leads to the Ethiopian monks’ chapel.

This is separated from a passageway by a green-painted railing, leaving just room for four pairs of benches on each side of a Persian carpet-runner before a simple screen of dark, silver-painted wood.

In the centre, a horseshoe-arch opens to the high altar, hung with white silk, beneath an icon of the Virgin and Child.

Ethiopians speak the ancient Semitic language of Amharic. They worship in the even more ancient dead language of Ge’ez. Their liturgy if full of surprises. As well as Sunday, Saturday is a holy day, and in each church the Ark of the Covenant is revered. Indeed Axum cathedral is said to house the Ark once kept in the Holy of Holies of the Jewish Temple."

Extract from a fine piece by Christopher Howse in the Telegraph. Read more:


Was St Paul Excommunicated at the Church of Jerusalem?

Question by urigeller_02: Was St Paul Excommunicated at the Church of Jerusalem?
Some one told me that there is a part of the Dead Sea Scrolls which records that St Paul was thrown out of the church of Jerusalem under the authority of St James ?
is there any credence to this claim ?

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UN JERUSALEM “In Romance with Neturei Karta.” last study on NETUREI KARTA. Thank You very much. He I wear the BIZKAIKO Basque way of dressing. IRJEOHA TEMPLE OEL UM Tradition just wore the same skirt I am wearing now in a very similar way of dressing. And don’t have any doubt, IRJEOHA was never an Hasidic Jew. Turning back to NETUREI KARTA again, in our opinion, the acceptance of the UN Partition Plan does not compromise the Pure SEMITIC JUDAISM 3 OATH Religious Possition, the acceptance of the Partition Plan is just the chance given into JUDAISM in order to pay the debt for the JERUSALEM Jewish SEMITIC JUDAISM BIBLICAL CORE in the Outside TDF Land Of PALESTINE. One the JERMIH decreed the Outside TD F for PALESTINE, once the JERMIH left NO Holy Union Spot Of Holy TDF TORAH ODORAH ABDORAH Holy Dust in the Ancient Land that once destroyed the ODIDJ TEMPLE, the TEMPLE DUST returns home to come into the modern history, to work for the VICTORY Of GOD EN DAIM SHADDOCK ONE COVENANT, to work for the JESUS CHRIST OLD and NEW TESTAMENT fighting TORANIC Heresy at the Inside the TDF Sphere, so that to bless the Church with the DIVINE Heavenly Circular Garden OF GOD TEMPLE Level Of CULT and Blessing Bubble. Just a little conflict remains inside the Church, that is the Outside TDF Hebrew TORAH opposing the LATIN and the Basque NEW TESTAMENT. It has always been this ancient heretic confrontation inside the Church between the Outside and the Inside TDF that we wanted to avoid. We
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Jerusalem.. Golgotha, Calvary Tomb of Christ

This video shows the tomb of christ and the mountain where Jesus was crucified. Note that the mountain is covered with glass…One can enter below the mountain as well as above the mountain. One can touch the top of mountain through a hole..[since it is covered]..Also you can see the place where Jesus was kept after crucification [The black tent like structure]

Christ entering Jerusalem

Christ entering Jerusalem
Church Of Christ
Image by Lawrence OP
"Say to the daughter of Zion:
Look, your king comes to you;
he is humble, he rides on a donkey
and on a colt, the foal of a beast of burden."

– Matthew 21:5

Detail from the 15th-century polychrome carved wood reredos in the church of St George and St James (Marktkirche) in Hannover.

Today is Palm Sunday when we commemorate Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem at the start of Holy Week.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem- An Exciting Tour כנסיית הקבר ירושלים

Zahi Shaked A tour guide in Israel and his camera zahigo25@walla.com 9726905522 tel סיור עם מורה הדרך ומדריך הטיולים צחי שקד 0546905522 The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, also called the Church of the Resurrection by Eastern Christians, is a church within the walled Old City of Jerusalem. It is a few steps away from the Muristan.The entrance to the church is through a single door in the south transept. This narrow way of access to such a large structure has proven to be hazardous at times. For example, when a fire broke out in 1840, dozens of pilgrims were trampled to death. In 1999 the communities agreed to install a new exit door in the church, but there was never any report of this door being completed. The site is venerated as Golgotha,[1] (the Hill of Calvary), where Jesus was crucified,[2] and is said to also contain the place where Jesus was buried (the sepulchre). The church has been an important Christian pilgrimage destination since at least the 4th century, as the purported site of the resurrection of Jesus. Today it also serves as the headquarters of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, while control of the building is shared between several Christian churches and secular entities in complicated arrangements essentially unchanged for centuries. Today, the church is home to Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism. The church is also of limited importance to Anglican and Protestant Christians.. On the south side of the altar via the

Does God still plan on building a big church building in Jerusalem?

Question by Jim: Does God still plan on building a big church building in Jerusalem?
Solomon wasn’t THE son of David, he was A son of David. As we find out later in the story, Jesus was the fulfillment of this prophecy.

If that prophecy was fulfilled quite differently than expected, can we assume that others can be fulfilled differently as well?

Does God still plan on building a big church building in Jerusalem…or did he ever?

It seems it was David’s plan, and God tried to discourage him. Perhaps it was never his intention to focus so much energy on one unique location.

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Answer by brophetikenica
God does not dwell in Houses built by the hands of peoples, yet, Daniel says that sacrifice and offering will be put an end to and that the false prophet gog will have his tent pitched between the seas and come to his end at the appointed time following the mark of the beast from the earth/sea commerce wars with all of the nations and empires and peoples on the earth which will last for 1335 days or 44 1/2 months or 3 17/24 years in fulfillment of the Prophets of God as the Great and Terrrible Day of The Lord:

666 x 3 = 1998;

1948 + (10% x 666) = 2014.6

a difference of 16.6 years

+ 7 years…

ie 7026 Noah + ~7000 years BC and Tower of Babel divisions and Sword of Spirit + 2014.6 = 16,040.6.

4 x 4 = 16

40 Moses:

~16,040.6/120 Noah in flood and Moses in desert = 133.6716666666666666666666666666….

x the 10 times = 1336.7 days or years by multiples…

1336.716666666666666666666666666 – 1335 = 1.716666666666666666666666666666

One mile: 5280 feet, One week: +-25 80 days?

with two leap year months added were 1290 x 2 = +- 2580 days or years with multiple ‘constant’ round.

for example: 365.25 x 7 = 2556.75..

+-2580 – 2556.75 = 23.25 ( 6.75 days less than 30 when extra month is added of 30 days, and take back 7.75 from 31 days; or less than 4.75 from a 28 day month or 5.75 from february at 29 days leap year ).

Thus, 1998 + 23.25 = 2021.25+-

If +-2580 x 6.5 = 16.770 – 16,040? = 730 = (70 x 10 times) + 30;

730 – 490 = 240.

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Musica sacra “Gerusalemme citta della mia gioia” Holly music “Jerusalem town of my joy”

Musica sacra “Gerusalemme citta della mia gioia” Holly music “Jerusalem town of my joy”

In Cortona, the festival for holy music is being held for the 7th year now.The event starts from July 3rd till July 11th.The artistic direction is of Marco Frisina, and in the program are each day different events in different churches of Cortona:

Saturday, July 3rd in the Diocesano museum at 18:00

Opening of the festival, with music of the Pergolesi.

Sunday, July 4th in the church of San Domenico at 21:00,

 Melos ensemble

 Monday,July 5th in the church of Santa Maria Nuova at 21:00

Choir Armoniosoincanto.

 Tuesday, July 6th in the church of San Domenico at 21:00

Experimental theatre A: holy representation.

Wednesday, July 7th in the church of San Domenico at 21:00

Orchestra and Choir from England “Bedales”

 Thursday, July 8th in the Basilica of Saint Marguerite at 21:00

Organ concert by, Luigi Ciuffa.

 Friday, July 9th in the Cells of the Franciscans at 21:00

“Panis Angelicus” Orchestra and choir :Fideles et amati”

 Saturday, July 10th in the church of San Francesco at 17:00

Preperatio (open free to all)

At 18:00 Choir Armoniosoincanto directed by Franco Radicchia

At 21:00 in the church of San Domenico

Music from biblical movies: choir and orchestra of Rome

At 24:00 in the piazza Signorelli : Medieval music by the ensemble Carmina Laetitiae

At 1:30 at the monastery of Santa Chiara “Mattutino”

At 5:00 at the Cells of the Franciscans: Concert and solist the soprano Simona Canuti.

 Sunday, July 11th in the Duomo (townhall) of Cortona at 11:00

Santa Messa with Monsignor Riccardo Fontana

Choir of Rome.

About Cortona churches:


Like any town in Italy, Cortona has numerous churches spread throughout it. One of its churches, the Church of S. Domenico was built in the gothic style, between the years of 1391 and 1438. It has been restored quite a few times, and was at one point part of an ancient Dominican convent, which had been destroyed. Some of the frescoes adorning the interior have unfortunately been lost over time, while others were moved to the Museo Diocesano for more protection.

The altar shows work done by Lorenzo di Niccolò in 1402, which has scenes of the Coronation of Mary, (click the link to view photo of work, by Ray) thus the title of his work. There are also other famous works within the church, such as: Virgin with Saints by Luca Signorelli; the Assumption of the Virgin by Jacopo Negretti (also known as Palma il Giovane); Deposition by Baccio Bonetti; a fresco of S. Rocco by Bartolomeo della Gatta; and other prominent works.

Born in 1947 in Poland, for 3 years and during the 6 days war served the Israeli army as photographer in the infantry, in 1970 studied at the faculty of Medicine in Padova, Italy, writing, painting for himself, worked for 20 years as building contractor with his brother, co- owner of Art Gallery and Hotel in Cortona, Tuscany, where he lives.