Why are old Irish church records so hard to come by?

Question by : Why are old Irish church records so hard to come by?
Like it seems there are all these old French Canadian records, German records, English records, and others, but there are like no online Irish church or county records from a few hundred years ago it seems.

Did they get destroyed? Or are they just not indexed? Or did they never even make any records in the first place?

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Answer by irishgirl2014
probably got drunk and lost them
haha sorry i couldnt resist 🙂

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Survivors of Irish church child abuse speak out

Irishman Michael O’Brien spent 8 years in an Irish religious industrial school in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. He was put there after his mother died in 1942. The Irish state took Michael and his seven siblings away from their father and put them all into state institutions after declaring them destitute. They were all given criminal records because they were labelled as destitutes. Within days of arriving at Ferryhouse, Michael was raped by a brother belonging to the Rosminian orders. He endured eight years of ongoing rape, beatings, starvations and abuse at the Industrial school. He was forced to work as a child slave by the Rosminian fathers. In this video he tells Irish journalist Karen Coleman his story.
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