Is it safe to give your address on an Internet registration?

Question by Chris: Is it safe to give your address on an Internet registration?
I was on the universal life church website and it had a spot to become an ordained minister. I was going to do it but a required answer is your address, I’m not so sure if I should give them it. No rude answers please. Thought?

Best answer:

Answer by Amanda
i believe that it would be ok to give them your address because the website is credible: it ends in .org which is reliable it has a sponsor it has an author and provides with the last date it was updated all of these things show that it is safe to give them your address

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Benedict XVI: internet can promote the search for truth

Today I also wish to mention this years Message for World Communications Day which was released on the eve of the Feast of Saint Francis de Sales, Patron Saint of Journalists. The Message concerns the new technologies which have made the internet a resource of utmost importance, especially for the so-called digital generation. Undoubtedly, wise use of communications technology enables communities to be formed in ways that promote the search for the true, the good and the beautiful, transcending geographical boundaries and ethnic divisions. To this end, the Vatican has launched a new initiative which will make information and news from the Holy See more readily accessible on the world wide web. It is my hope that this initiative will enrich a wide range of people including those who have yet to find a response to their spiritual yearning through the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ whose message of Good News the Church bears to the ends of the earth (cf. Mt 28:20)!
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Web-Empower Your Church: Unleashing the Power of Internet Ministry

Web-Empower Your Church: Unleashing the Power of Internet Ministry

A great church website is more about ministry than technology. Web-Empower Your Church offers step-by-step guidance to web implementers and other church leaders who are on the exciting journey to building an effective web ministry. Mark’s engaging, conversational style makes technology accessible. He offers first-hand advice on every aspect of building an internet ministry: from assembling a team to designing and maintaining the website to adding powerful ministry features.

The accompanying CD-ROM contains documentation, training, and a demonstration version of website building software from the folks at the Web-Empowered Church ministry.

“A first-hand account from one of the true pioneers of online ministry. Anyone interested in online ministry ought to read this book and learn from Mark’s example.”
Andrew Careaga
Author, eMinistry: Connecting with the Net Generation

“A clear picture on the do’s and don’ts of web ministry for churches. A must read for churches who want to effectively engage in web ministry.”
Walt Wilson
Founder and Chairman, Global Media Outreach,
a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ

“Stephenson has truly unleashed the power of internet ministry for your church. If you’re looking for readable and educating book on web-empowered ministry, look no further. This book is it. I can’t believe how much I learned from my first reading. I will be returning to the book over and over.”
Bill Easum
President, Easum, Bandy & Associates

Mark Stephenson is Director of CyberMinistry and Technology of Ginghamsburg Church, Tipp City, Ohio. He started the Ginghamsburg CyberMinistry back in 1996 as an unpaid servant. Over the years, as the ministry grew, Mark joined the Ginghamsburg staff, first part time and then full time. Currently, Ginghamsburg Church has one of the largest and most innovative church internet ministries in the world, and the ministry remains unpaid-servant based and “home grown” (no outside companies or consultants have been hired). The website has received national acclaim — from write-ups in the Wall Street Journal to the Dallas Morning News to Christian Computing Magazine, and television stories by WBNS Channel 10 in Columbus, Ohio and on Fox News. Visionary leaders like Bill Easum and Len Sweet champion it as a must-see website.

Mark, the “Church CyberGuy,” is also a well-known speaker on CyberMinistry as he conducts presentations and workshops around North America for such organizations as Leadership Network, United Methodist Communications, North American Christian Convention, Brethren in Christ Church of North America, and Miami University of Ohio. Mark has provided consulting support to numerous churches from around the world to help them develop their web ministries. His passion for helping churches led him to start and lead the Web-Empowered Church, a ministry of The Foundation for Evangelism, to develop free web-ministry software for churches and ministries worldwide.

List Price: $ 25.00

Price: $ 13.19

Churches Turn to Innovative Internet Fund Raising?

Churches Turn to Innovative Internet Fund Raising?

Churches Turn to Innovative Internet Fund Raising?

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Home Page > Spirituality > Religion > Churches Turn to Innovative Internet Fund Raising?

Churches Turn to Innovative Internet Fund Raising?

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Churches Turn to Innovative Internet Fund Raising?

By: John Reed

About the Author

The author, John Reed, has 15 years business experience and has had the opportunity to use and review multiple online services. You can read more about funding churches via the internet at

(ArticlesBase SC #193724)

Article Source: – Churches Turn to Innovative Internet Fund Raising?

Churches are repeatedly short of funds during particular seasons of the year. As members leave town on vacations and holidays, many churches are left in the position of financial limbo until the faithful few return and are able to contribute financially through offerings and tithes.

Other such financial drops happen during special occasions when church congregations are required to dig deep to support various church related programs and events such as mission trips, concerts, television expenses, radio broadcasts, and many other worth while Christian services, activities and duties. Combined with the limitations of having a small congregation or a large congregation that is not high income, many worth while church related ventures go undone or they become postponed indefinitely.

Factoring in those expenses that are crucial to the Lords work but are easily over looked, a church is often less productive than it could be. Financial requirements such as paying for church vans, church utilities, maintenance, landscaping, printing costs, choir robes, office supplies and hundreds of other low key but vital expenditures that must some how be paid for, can affect the effectiveness of a church body to fulfill the great commission which reads, And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 15:16

Many churches are finding that commandment unreachable to say the least. Reaching the world costs money.

For most churches raising the necessary money to do all of the great things they desire to do seems out of reach because of the limited amount of money their parishioners earn in a given year. Tithes and offerings can only be given if there is something to tithe and offer.

Members often feel guilty about their inability to give all of the money they would like to give to their local church. It is a constant struggle in the minds of faithful members whether to give until it hurts to help heaven or apply the money to their various needs here on earth.

This epic tug of war has been raging since the first church and has been the catalyst for the launching of various types of fund raising ventures by members seeking to resolve it. In most churches money raising ideas have ranged from car washes, to musicals, bake sales to fish fries, plays to raffles and a million other witty though barely fruitful ventures.

Nothing is wrong with preparing a plate of food and selling it to customers that elect to buy but its effectiveness at raising large amounts of capital for church related expenditures leaves much to be desired. At the end of the day, a church can employ its members at tasks such as cooking, preparing plates, delivery, and spreading the word, only to come out with a 0 profit after the event has concluded. That is inefficient and frustrating to say the least.

Reaching a 21st century world using 18th century tactics is a very hard thing to do. To raise the funding necessary to meet ever-growing ambitious goals, modern day churches must upgrade their fundraising tactics by using modern day tools. The internet is very

The internet has been used for tasks such as informing those that may be looking for a church home of the churches existence but churches in general have failed to grasp the potential the internet has for raising the necessary funds to accomplish all that they envision. A new fundraising website TypoBounty dot com is changing the way churches raise funds by making the internet a major source for increased offering totals.

TypoBounty dot com is a fundraising website where churches increase the amount of money their members can afford to give them with no additional drain on the members personal finances. Churches with small congregations can raise their offering totals by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, and churches with larger congregations can increase their annual offering totals by multiple millions of dollars per year.

TypoBounty dot com is where companies seek to have errors such a misspelled words incorrect punctuation, grammatical errors and other errors on their websites located and reported. The church member can get paid for every valid error found and reported. There are billions of web pages on the internet and there are trillions of punctuation errors on those pages alone. Not to mention all of the other types of errors that exist.

With the average fee paid per valid report being 2 dollars each, money donated to the church can add up very quickly. Each of the church members FREE hunter accounts can be directly linked to their respective churchs FREE fundraiser accounts. This means as they report valid errors, the payments go directly into the churchs account.

Churches simply create a free fundraiser account and tell all of their members to get an account and start donating. Members can donate to their respective churches during their normal internet surfing with no out of pocket expense. When hunters notice an error on a website that is not currently listed on TypoBounty dot com, they can refer website to TypoBounty. When they do this, they get a 2 day head start to find and report as many errors as they can find. A single website can yield over 20 dollars to observant Christians that seek to help their church.

If your church needs additional funding and is currently using limited fundraising techniques, suggest the TypoBounty dot com fundraising site to your pastor. Better funded churches can reach more souls for Jesus.

Retrieved from “”

(ArticlesBase SC #193724)

John Reed
About the Author:

The author, John Reed, has 15 years business experience and has had the opportunity to use and review multiple online services. You can read more about funding churches via the internet at


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Depending on the size of your estate, as much as 65% can go to taxes with improper planning.

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How to

New Internet Church Redefining Christian Worship

Camino, California (PRWEB) May 25, 2006

Christian Worship is being redefined with the opening of a new Internet church. The non-denominational worship service is available 24 hours a day and features, streaming praise and worship music, a Bible study teaching…even an offering if you’re so inclined. The church website,, is the new home of E-Home Fellowship’s congregation and anyone else who wants to drop by. The church fellowship concept is designed around small casual groups, meeting in homes, coffee shops, etc. This Cyber-church has everything a traditional church has except the big box.

The other services available include:

A streaming praise and worship music library with traditional, contemporary and kids Christian music.

An online Christian Discipleship School, complete with diploma.

A searchable Bible for study, research, or daily reading.

Hundreds of Bible study pages on Church History, the life of Jesus, etc.

A Worldwide Prayer and Fellowship team of over 200 people.

A Christian resource directory for the different ministry and Christian life needs.

Too much more to list.

The church is overseen by Glen Williams, an Ordained minister with over 15 years of full-time service.


Get the Latest Catholic Church Mass Times Now on the Internet

Get the Latest Catholic Church Mass Times Now on the Internet

Get to know the Catholic Church Mass Times through the Internet. It is generally obligatory to attend on Sunday, but you can always attend the Weekday and Weekend Masses too.
Descriptions have been found of community gatherings in Saint Paul’s epistles and Acts of the Apostles to mark the Lord’s Supper, which is known as the Eucharist. The earliest forms of Mass were celebrated in tombs of martyrs in Rome. The celebration is more than memorial it depicts sacrifice also. It is Church’s method of fulfilling the command of Christ. The Catholic Church Mass Times are generally obligatory to be attended on Sunday. It is something, which all Catholic Christians do willingly, but definitely do not understand the significance of it.

The chosen day was Sunday because Christians had transferred the Sabbath day to Sunday. Sunday was when Christ was resurrected from the dead. The church has ordained the Christians to join during the Catholic Church Mass Times and refrain from any sort of unwanted work. It is obligatory to go by the Third Commandment, which tells us to keep the Sabbath Day holy. Hence, all catholic Christians has to attend the mass every Sunday.

The Mass is treated as a sacred banquet, to mark it as a cenotaph of the Last Supper, where all faithful followers come and join. It is always not needed to get the Communion to perform the Sunday duty, but it is recommended that one follow the sacramental Confession. In the early years, the mass was seen as a sacrifice or as a mythical reality where Christ’s sacrifice was, transformed. According to the Trent Council, Christ who had offered himself in a bloody way was presented in the Mass in a non-violent or non-bloody way. The Saturday Vigil Mass includes congregational singing and music led by organist and cantor.

Nowadays the mass schedule is available over the Internet for the benefit of all Catholic Christians. This has been a great help and a big boon for all Christians. Whether you want to know the place or the time, or the Church you can get all the required information on the Internet. All travelling Catholics and parishioners will easily find out a Mass-taking place near them. Every mass schedule needs to be unambiguous and accurate so that nobody has any problem. Hence, finding mass has become even easier now.

On the Internet, travelers can look up for churches by place or country or zip code or exchange code. If someone conducts a city search then specific topics will come like shrines, churches, and cathedrals. From there you will be able to know various things like Weekday and Weekend Catholic Church Mass Times. Once you have found a church near you where you can attend the Mass, you can cross-refer on the information given on the Internet. This way you can ensure whether the information you have is correct and up-to-date. So next time whenever you are planning your trips and vacations you can always look up the Internet and find out the Mass times near you.

If you want to get the current Catholic Church Mass Times then refer It is a comprehensive guide where you will find all the required information on the mass times at a place and time near you.

First Church in Waycross to Broadcast Services via the Internet, LIVE

Waycross, GA (PRWEB) June 15, 2006

Trinity United Methodist Church, today announced LIVE Internet broadcasting of its worship services. This church is the first and only one in Waycross that offers live webcast and archive video of services via the Internet. The local and global impact of this outreach is expected to be very positive.

“We are living in a Global Village today, where families and friends are widely dispersed all over the world. With this new technology we can include people who are unable to attend our services in Waycross for whatever reason,” said Pastor Don Fogal senior pastor at Trinity UMC. “Our hearts, our minds and our doors are open to all, wherever they may be,” continued Pastor Fogal.

Since its inception, Trinity has developed a reputation for being “first” in many areas. Trinity was the first church in Waycross to broadcast its services on the radio, the first to instigate Homecoming Day in this section of the state, the first to mother 2 Sunday School classes that later became churches. Trinity was the first to have a Sunday School class (Big Brothers) broadcast their lessons each Sunday on the radio, which they have done for 68 years now, local mission (House of Hope) and a 24-hour telephone prayer line. To continue this tradition, Trinity UMC is now the first church in Waycross that offers live webcast and archive video of services via the Internet.

“I am really excited to be able to greet and extend the love of Christ to everyone who view our services through this electronic medium. It is a blessing to be able to reach out to so many old friends and new acquaintances and share a little portion of heaven,” said Pastor David White, Associate Pastor at Trinity UMC.

PraiseCast is the company that provides the complete webcasting services. “ PraiseCast’s complete and unique approach to church webcasting will enable us to extend our reach and connect with people who are unable to attend in person,” said Waylan Carter, in charge of webcast ministry.

The LIVE webcasts can be viewed every Sunday morning at 11:00 am at the church’s website, Recording of these broadcasts will also be available at the same website for later viewing.

About Trinity United Methodist Church:

The Trinity Church is a congregation of approximately 300. It was established in 1895 and was named Trinity after Trinity Church in Savannah. Trinity broadcast each weekly morning service, or special event, 7pm every Sunday night on local cable Channel 42 (WATS) as “The Trinity Hour”. This TV program has been serving Waycross and the surrounding area for the past 17 years

About PraiseCast:

PraiseCast is a leading provider of Internet broadcasting services such as webcasting and custom podcasting to ministries. PraiseCast’s comprehensive services help churches to use webcasting, podcasting and other Internet technologies as effective tools for communication, evangelism and outreach programs. To obtain more information, please visit


Trinity United Methodist Church:

Pastor    Don Fogal    




Vince Imani

(805) 688-3441

# # #

1st Annual American High School Internet Mathematics Competition Begins Monday, September 13

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) August 10, 2004

The inaugural American High School Internet Mathematics Competition (“AHSIMC”), the first competitive high school academic event to rely on the use of the internet, will take place the week of September 13-17, 2004.

The event, free to all participating students and schools, will feature thousands of the nation’s top high school math students.

The AHSIMC was founded by Bradley Metrock, a current Vanderbilt University business school student who participated in competitive mathematic events while in high school.

“The American High School Internet Mathematics Competition is an example of how technology will help level the playing field between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ of our educational system,” Metrock said. “Because the AHSIMC is completely free to students, teachers, and their schools, all of our nation’s children can access the elite world of competitive mathematics through the internet.”

The start-up competition has been embraced by both students and educators alike, including Cindy O’Brien, a math teacher at Haltom High School in Fort Worth, Texas. “For us, the AHSIMC represents a chance to benchmark our high school against the rest of the United States, while giving us a powerful tool to strengthen our mathematics curriculum,” O’Brien remarked.

Teams of up to five students will receive the test, via email, at noon (CST) on Monday, September 13. Teams, after working both at school and at home on the contest throughout the week, must email back their completed exams by noon (CST) on Friday, September 17 to be graded.

Ben Cortopassi, AHSIMC Vice-President and Director of Testing, believes the competition will appeal to established math team programs, as well as newcomers to the competitive math world. Cortopassi explains, “The AHSIMC provides an introduction to competitive mathematics, while simultaneously challenging the brightest math students in the United States.”

A follow-up national press release will announce the winners of the 2004 AHSIMC Exam on Monday, November 1, at 8 AM (CST). The winning team’s members will each receive a video game system, while both the winning team’s members and runner-up team’s members will receive commemorative plaques. Certificates are given to the remainder of the top 5% of participating teams, and additional awards will be presented to the winning team’s faculty sponsor and school.

[For additional information or interview requests, contact Bradley Metrock by phone at (205) 531 3247 from 9 AM to 7 PM Central Standard Time, or email him directly at The AHSIMC will make every effort to accommodate members of the media seeking information regarding a story or feature about the upcoming 2004 Exam.]

2004 AHSIMC Participating Schools

(as of 8/9/04 – deadline to register is 9/8/04)

State:        School (City)


Bob Jones High School (Madison)

Fort Payne High School (Fort Payne)

Holly Pond High School (Holly Pond)

McAdory High School (McCalla)

Minor High School (Adamsville)

Vestavia Hills High School (Birmingham)


Canyon del Oro High School (Tucson)


Albany High School (Albany)

California High School (San Ramon)

Grant High School (Valley Glen)

Gunn High School (Palo Alto)

Mira Costa High School (Manhattan Beach)


American Heritage School (Plantation)

Bayside High School (Palm Bay)

Cedar Key School (Cedar Key)

Deerfield Beach High School (Deerfield Beach)

George Jenkins High School (Lakeland)

JP Taravella High School (Coral Springs)

Miami Beach Senior High School (Miami Beach)

Milton High School (Milton)

Naples High School (Naples)

Sebring High School (Sebring)

Spruce Creek High School (Port Orange)

Tampa Preparatory School (Tampa)

The Bolles School (Jacksonville)

Vero Beach High School (Vero Beach)

Western High School (Fort Lauderdale)


Augusta Preparatory Day School (Martinez)

Chamblee Charter High School (Chamblee)

Collins Hill High School (Suwanee)

The Westminster School (Atlanta)


Dwight D. Eisenhower High School (Blue Island)

Oak Park River Forest High School (Oak Park)

Willowbrook High School (Villa Park)

York Community High School (Elmhurst)


Beth Christopher (homeschooler)


Apollo High School (Owensboro)


Andrew Jackson High School (Chalmette)


Acton-Boxborough Regional High School (Acton)

Boston University Academy (Boston)

Milton Academy (Milton)


Troy High School (Troy)


Bloomington Jefferson High School (Bloomington)


Pearl High School (Pearl)

Warren Central High School (Vicksburg)

North Carolina:    

Carolina Day School (Asheville)

North Carolina School of Math and Science (Durham)

Northwest Guilford High School (Greensboro)

Tuscola High School (Waynesville)

North Dakota:    

Bismarck High School (Bismarck)

Shanley High School (Fargo)

New Jersey:    

Newark Academy (Livingston)

West Windsor Plainsboro High School (Plainsboro)


Durango High School (Las Vegas)

New York:    

Arlington High School (Lagrangeville)

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School (Burnt Hills)

Clarkstown North High School (New City)

Edward R. Murrow High School (Brooklyn)

Guilderland High School (Guilderland Center)

North Shore High School (Glen Head)

Smithtown High School (Smithtown)


Centerville High School (Centersville)

Notre Dame High School (Portsmouth)

Walnut Hills High School (Cincinnati)


George Washington High School (Philadelphia)

Rhode Island:    

Bishop Hendricken High School (Warwick)

South Carolina:    

Christ Church Episcopal School (Greenville)

Denmark-Olar High School (Denmark)

Pickens High School (Pickens)


Riverdale High School (Murfreesboro)

St. Mary’s School (Memphis)

White Station High School (Memphis)


Haltom High School (Fort Worth)

Huntsville High School (Huntsville)

Incarnate Word Academy (Houston)

Science Academy of South Texas (Mercedes)

St. John’s School (Houston)

The Kinkaid School (Houston)

Tom C. Clark High School (San Antonio)

Westfield High School (Houston)


Skyline High School (Salt Lake City)


Lloyd C. Bird High School (Chesterfield)

Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology (Alexandria)


Mercer Island High School (Mercer Island)

Thomas Jefferson High School (Auburn)


St. Mary’s Springs High School (Fond Du Lac)

West Virginia:    

East Fairmont High School (Fairmont)

North Marion High School (Farmington)

University High School (Morgantown)


Natrona County High School (Casper)

Contact Information:

Bradley Metrock

(205) 531 3247



# # #