What kind of pickups should I install to improve my Clear Galveston guitar?

Question by Arenkay: What kind of pickups should I install to improve my Clear Galveston guitar?
I’d like to improve the sound on my acrylic Les Paul. Duncan? Dimarzio? Which pickups specifically?

By the way, I play some of anything, if that helps, though not much on the blues side. I play some church music and classical music generally.


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Answer by Your stay happy pill
Your Galveston uses standard sized humbucker mounts and routes just like the one i used to own i suppose.

Acrylic guitars are more dense than wooden guitars so my choice for your guitar would be different than my normal advice.

I tried three different pickups in mine

-Dimarzio Breed bridge= My 2nd choice, around $ 70 bucks but good resale and great quality, it was powerful but with all the clarity of the classic pickups i love. If you want versatility it’d be hard to beat a Breed.
-Seymour Duncan Custom= 1st choice, $ 75 dollars, not quite as balanced as the breed but it trumped the x2n in versatility and had tons of character, the custom is one of the most underrated and useful pickups i’ve ever come across (and that’s out of hundreds)
-Dimarzio x2n= $ 92, 3rd place but only because it’s too much for what you will probably need, it’s a great pickup and if you want metal it will deliver, but for classical it’s a bit bass heavy.

good luck

i’ve tried these and i’m sure these would help if you try.

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