What CHURCH does Hillary Clinton belong to?

Question by Rose: What CHURCH does Hillary Clinton belong to?
I know she belongs or has some ties to a political religious group, but what CHURCH does she belong to? I personally feel that religion should not be included in the discussions of politics, but it seems that we Americans can’t get over it. If the majority of Americans affiliate themselves with some religious institute (I’m assuming…I don’t have hard facts about that…but it seems to be true since so many people are focusing on religion) and Hillary Clinton seems not to, then how can Hillary Clinton “be in touch” with most Americans? I’m not looking for hate filled spews. If you post them, I will report you. This question is NOT about Barack Obama, if you include him in your answer, I will report you. Please answer the questions and nothing else. I hope I have made myself clear.
Yes Obamamama. I’m looking for a specific church. Not the denomination, but I’m ok with people responding with the denomination, it’s a good attempt to answer the question. I really don’t think she is a member of any church. Before I completely believe that, I wanted to try to find out if she did belong to a congregation. The only thing I’ve heard and read is that she has a fairly strong relationship with “The Family” or “The Fellowship.”

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Answer by Open your eyes
Who cares? There is no God wake up.

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What happened at trinity church lately involving a sermon about hillary was it real base on news item?

Question by ris: What happened at trinity church lately involving a sermon about hillary was it real base on news item?

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Answer by Laura
A visiting Catholic priest named Father Flagle preached a sermon and in that sermon he made fun of Hillary Clinton crying in New Hampshire and accused her of being a racist by saying that she thought she deserved to be president because she is white. He has since apologized.

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Rev Michael Pfleger at Trinity UCC, Hillary thinks “I’m white I’m entitled”

Chicago Catholic pastor Dr. Rev. Michael Pfleger, speaking Sunday at Barack Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ. Flegler has been a noted spiritual advisor for Barack Obama for decades while he has lived in Chicago. After Michael Pfleger’s remarks about Clinton, Otis Moss III thanked Pfleger repeatedly. Screenshot of Obama’s website displaying Pfleger’s endorsement: noquarterusa.net