Outdoor Church Signs, Helping To Promote Your Church

Outdoor Church Signs, Helping To Promote Your Church

Outdoor Church Signs, Helping To Promote Your Church

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Home Page > Business > Industrial > Outdoor Church Signs, Helping To Promote Your Church

Outdoor Church Signs, Helping To Promote Your Church

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Posted: Mar 23, 2010 |Comments: 0




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Outdoor Church Signs, Helping To Promote Your Church

By: Cayden Ryan

About the Author

Cayden Ryan is an author who writes on a variety of subjects, giving them insight and perspective. He is currently working on tattoos, outdoor church signs, and limousines. He also enjoys eating pizza and ice cream.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ – Outdoor Church Signs, Helping To Promote Your Church

In an effort to promote the church, outdoor church signs are usually located right outside the church, near the main road that is by the church. They are trying to get people into their church that normally wouldn’t attend their church. It’s an interesting study though because people argue whether or not outdoor church signs actually work, due to the fact the people coming into the church don’t take a survey of how they heard about the church. Some people believe that signs merely attract people interested in the actual sign, and not interested in the church. It all comes down to personal opinion.

You need to understand if your church can utilize a church sign. And if not, you may not want to incorporate a sign into your plan. If you’re only using a church sign to be gaudy, maybe you should advise against one. They are meant to attract people into your church, not show off the wealth of your church. An outdoor church sign can become the face of your church however. It can give off an awesome presence and present your ideals clearly and openly. Unnecessary fights between church members can happen however, due to different ideas and plans.

Designing an outdoor church sign should be down to a committee of people dedicated to the project rather than sporadically getting ideas from people who may not have any idea what the ideas they are presenting might actually consist of. Having the church as a whole design the signs might not be a bad idea; if you still have certain people have the final say, regardless of the opinions and ideas expressed. The people in charge of making your sign need to know the specifics of your program, your budget, and your exact details. Signs can be used in ways to make people feel guilty and not want to come into your church. They should be fresh and idealistic, but not too accusing.

The physical church sign can be a powerful tool when used the right way with the right words and ideas. The colors are very important; they should match the ideas and tone of our church. Having a bright pink sign with a blue based color scheme and calm feel of your church might not be the best choice. The sign should be sleek, elegant, modern, and noticeable, all at once. It needs to give off the feeling of love and care, not wealth and ignorance.

Some outdoor church signs make you stop and think, some make you frown with displeasure, and others you don’t even notice. Some need updated and reworked, and some just draw you in to the point to where you need to see what’s going on inside. No matter what, outdoor church signs can be used as a great tool to benefit your church.

Retrieved from “http://www.articlesbase.com/industrial-articles/outdoor-church-signs-helping-to-promote-your-church-2034618.html”

(ArticlesBase SC #2034618)

Cayden Ryan
About the Author:

Cayden Ryan is an author who writes on a variety of subjects, giving them insight and perspective. He is currently working on tattoos, outdoor church signs, and limousines. He also enjoys eating pizza and ice cream.


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Source:  http://www.articlesbase.com/industrial-articles/outdoor-church-signs-helping-to-promote-your-church-2034618.html

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Barbados: Helping Travelers Who Book Barbados Accommodation Online

Luxury West Coast Villa, Schooner Bay, Barbados

Bridgetown, Barbados (PRWEB) October 1, 2008

GreatBarbados.com is striving to expose travelers to the variety of Barbados accommodation (from budget to luxury hotels, resorts, inns, villas and apartments) through detailed listings-by-owner and real traveler reviews.

More and more travelers are booking their holiday accommodation on sites devoted to listings-by-owner. In fact, studies show that more than 70% of today’s travelers are bypassing traditional travel agents and booking direct online, in an effort to get the best deal and to get real traveler opinions. This means that property owners wanting to rent their places to travelers need to get savvy about marketing.

GreatBarbados.com, a new travel website dedicated to owner-direct-rentals of Barbados accommodation, is taking up the challenge to help Barbados accommodation providers supply potential guests with the information they value the most: detailed listings of a variety of accommodations and the unbiased opinions of past guests.

With Barbados accommodation providers concerned about the effects of the USA’s failing economy and the UK’s credit crunch paired with reduced airline service and rising airline costs on travel to the Caribbean region, the launch of GreatBarbados.com appears timely.

Juliana Blackett, creative director of GreatBarbados.com and a Barbados native, said, “In designing the site, we addressed what travelers told us they wanted in order to make informed decisions about where to stay in Barbados. We set two primary goals: first, to showcase the variety of Barbados hotels, all-inclusive resorts, guest houses, luxury villas and self-catering apartments; and second, to integrate unbiased peer reviews in order to give travelers “the real deal” on Barbados accommodation. How better to know what you’re getting than to read about other travelers’ experiences?”

GreatBarbados.com makes it possible for travelers to tailor their Barbados accommodation search to suit their personal preferences. If a traveler is looking for an apartment with a kitchenette, within walking distance to the beach, priced between US 0 and 0 per night, GreatBarbados.com can find matching properties with a few clicks of the mouse.

Travelers can then read reviews, save their selections for future reference, as well as make direct enquiries and bookings with the accommodation provider, making the site a “one-stop-shop” for researching and booking Barbados accommodation.

The list below reveals the variety of properties that travelers can access on the site:

:: One Bedroom Apartment at Rockley Golf and Country Club, Christ Church, Barbados

A moderately priced self-catering apartment with communal pool on Barbados’ south coast

:: Six Bedroom Luxury Villa Rental at Sugar Hill Resort Community, St. James, Barbados

A high-end luxury villa with private pool, fully managed, on Barbados’ west coast

:: Bougainvillea Beach Resort, Maxwell, Christ Church, Barbados

A well-known moderately priced beach-front hotel, near St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados’ entertainment hub

:: High Holdings Guest House, St. Thomas, Barbados

An intimate owner-managed guest house/bed & breakfast in the country

Keeping pace with the way people use the web today, GreatBarbados.com is making use of social networking sites like Facebook and StumbleUpon, instead of depending solely on the traditional marketing approach of high search engine placement and print advertising. Travelers can share their favourite properties as well as their own profile (with tips, photos and reviews) on 32 social networking sites.

As a result, the site has generated excitement among Barbados accommodation providers, with approximately 200 properties (including Barbados hotels & resorts, inns & guest houses, luxury villas & houses and condos & apartments) listed since the site’s launch on September 1, 2008, and more joining each day.

Jane Shattuck, the owner of a 2-bedroom luxury condo in St. Lawrence Gap (SouthCoastBarbadosRentals.com) said, “What interests me most about GreatBarbados.com is the social networking aspect of the site. … TripAdvisor has a great forum, but no one to my knowledge does social networking in as comprehensive a manner as GreatBarbados.com. I’m proud to be included in the site. I also appreciate the care in each property’s layout and how easy you make social networking.”

To find out more about how GreatBarbados.com is helping Barbados accommodation providers and Barbados travelers, please visit GreatBarbados.com.

About GreatBarbados.com

GreatBarbados.com is a new travel website that aims to showcase the variety of accommodation that Barbados has to offer, including Barbados hotels, all-inclusive resorts, guest houses, inns, luxury villas and self-catering apartments. Travellers can also get the real unbiased opinions of other Barbados travelers.

Enquiries and bookings are made direct with the owners helping travelers get the best deals available.


Juliana Blackett




Ideal Impact, Inc. Surpasses Sales and Revenue Goals in 2009; New Company Helping Churches and Christian Schools Fund Critical Needs

Grapevine, TX (PRWEB) February 2, 2010

By most accounts, 2009 was a risky year to launch a business, not to mention a difficult time to sign new customers, increase staff, or generate a profit. However, this was not the case for Ideal Impact, Inc. (www.idealimpactinc.com) in Grapevine, Texas. Since opening its doors March 2009, the employee-owned company has exceeded its sales goals, financial projections and staffing plan.

According to Wes McDaniel, founder and CEO of Ideal Impact, defying the odds was a result of having a well-defined mission, passionate employees, and good fortune.

“We are incredibly blessed to be so far ahead of our plan in such a short time,” said McDaniel, noting the company doubled initial projections by implementing 14 energy savings contracts worth 0,000 during 2009. “Because our business is to generate funds for use in other budget areas, we have been very successful in our sales efforts.”

Embarking on its goal to generate billion for Christian ministry purposes, Ideal Impact works with churches, Christian schools and faith-related organizations throughout Texas with a minimum annual energy bill of ,000. By implementing a proactive energy efficiency plan, combined with energy education training, they are able to yield surplus funds, obtain needed facility improvements and have a positive environmental impact.

“Today, everyone is facing the challenge of meeting operational, personnel and financial demands,” noted McDaniel, who estimates his company will generate million of savings during the next 20 years from the customers signed in 2009, which include Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC), Bill Glass Champions for Life, Harvest Church and School, White’s Chapel United Methodist Church and Covenant Christian Academy. “Most businesses and non-profit organizations don’t realize the substantial dollars that can be easily achieved through energy savings and allocated for other purposes.”

Through a systematic analysis of energy usage, operational equipment and occupant behavior, these organizations can obtain a customized energy plan that addresses both short-term needs and long-term goals. Regardless of size or age of a building, comprehensive or individual energy conservation measures can be implemented that will improve comfort and decrease energy usage:

    HVAC mechanical equipment
    Temperature controls
    Building automation systems
    Electrical service
    Lighting retrofit
    Repair and upgrade
    Energy efficiency training

Most significantly, projects are a positive cash flow from the start with no up front costs or lease-purchase/ loan to repay.

This appealed to the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC), which entered into a three-year energy savings agreement in June 2009 for its administration facility in Grapevine, Texas. The 30,000 square foot facility will save ,200 annually and projected savings over a 15-year period is approximately 8,000. In addition, they have already achieved monthly savings of 43 percent of their electric consumption.

“For several years, we have been looking for ways to maximize efficiencies in our energy usage and this is a solution that I believe will provide substantial long-term savings to our ministry,” says Joe Davis, chief financial officer of the SBTC, which has 2,143 affiliated churches throughout the state. “These savings will increase as time goes by and energy costs continue to climb. Putting more dollars into ministry and less into overhead makes perfect sense.”

Moving into 2010, McDaniel plans to increase his staff from 10 to 16, lease additional office space, exceed million in sales before the company’s one-year anniversary in March, and generate approximately 8 million in energy savings for ministry purposes.

“Our momentum continues to get stronger and our sales pipeline longer, so it seems our message is being heard and more importantly, our services and benefits understood.” stated McDaniel.

Founded March 2, 2009, Ideal Impact’s mission is well-defined: to help worship facilities and faith-based organizations reduce energy consumption and create a new revenue source; to help clients use resources wisely and efficiently; and to have a positive impact on the environment.

The company’s corporate office is located at 1133 South Main Street in downtown Grapevine. For more information call (817) 251-8498 or visit www.idealimpactinc.com.