A Cry for Justice: How the Evil of Domestic Abuse Hides in Your Church

A Cry for Justice: How the Evil of Domestic Abuse Hides in Your Church

ABUSE IN THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST! IN MANY CHRISTIAN CIRCLES THIS MAY BE A TABOO SUBJECT spoken of in hushed tones or behind closed doors. But it is a very real problem that must be brought into the light of Scripture. Abuse in the church takes different forms, but it is alive and active even in nice families in our churches. Typically, the abuser is male, usually a husband and his character is that of a manipulating deceiver! Countless women and children even many faithful pastors have been abused by these deceivers. Have you, or someone you know, been a victim? Has an abuser: Threatened physical violence if he does not get his way? Intimidated you with abusive language? Denied affection? Denied you medical attention? Manipulated friends and acquaintances in order to gain allies? Pastor Jeff Crippen uses his over thirty years of pastoral experience to rip the lid off this most insidious behavior that is often hidden in plain sight. He not only maintains that Bible-believing churches have ignored or failed to face the problem, he insists that when they do counsel a victim of abuse, they get it all wrong! The result is that the victim gets pulled into deeper even life threatening danger! This book will come as a life saver in a raging sea for those under the thumb of an abusive spouse or friend ! The Lord Jesus Christ wants you to be free in Him: Spiritually, emotionally and, yes, physically (i.e., away from your oppressor)! Every pastor also needs to read this book, either because they too have been a victim, but, more importantly, so that they can properly counsel those caught in a cycle abuse. This may very well be the most important book addressed to the church on this issue.

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Full Disclosure Wedding Vows – Domestic abuse :60 #12-0915

Would domestic abuse change if the wedding vows were full disclosure? A commercial to make potential brides think. For information on how you can use this video to promote your Christian 12 step program, Celebrate Recovery, Christian counseling service or church program, email firstdaylight@ymail.com.

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