Country Church Dollhouse

Country Church Dollhouse

  • Ready-to-assemble, 20th-century miniature church
  • Single-room, open-side design with steeple
  • Features 6 pews, altar, pulpit, and stained glass overlays
  • Includes wooden shingles and grooved sidewalls
  • Crafted from durable MDF with clapboard

CH-55 Paint, glue, curtains and any landscaping or furnishings are not included Features: -1 Room. -Complete Kit includes everything you need to finish as shown (paint, glue, curtains and any landscaping or furnishings are not included). -Precision Workmanship – engineered parts pre-cut to really work. -Sturdy Construction features 3/8” thick milled clapboard exterior walls and grooved sidewalls for easy, one-step assembly, guaranteed fit and durability . -Wooden shingles for the roof . -Step-by-step instructions with detailed drawings . -Detailed Steeple with a real bell . -Furnishings include: 6 pews, an altar and pulpit . -Stained glass overlays for the windows . -Made in Vermont, USA. -Not recommended for children under the age of 3. Specifications: -Overall Dimensions: 46” H x 27” W x 20” D. -1” = 1′ Scale. Recommended Options: -Reddish-brown shingle dye or gray shingle dye. -Electrical piercing tool, makes nailing, screwing and setting electrical parts easier. -Sheet Copper, one square foot roll, easy finish for roof eaves, valleys and other hard to finish details. -12 Steel turntable holds up to 1000 lbs. -9 Traditional wallpaper patterns, 2 sheets of each pattern. -Additions and components also available . Recommended Supplies (not included): -Hammer. -Fine toothed saw. -Glues. -Utility knife. -Masking tape. -Sandpaper: 100 and 320 grit. -Paints. -Paint brushes. -Ruler. -.75” or 1” Brads. -Elastic bands Click below to watch video of how Real Good Toy Doll Houses are made:

List Price: $ 275.99

Price: $ 229.00

Country Church Time

Country Church Time

Digitally remastered collection of classic God-fearing, heartbreaking Country from this legendary vocal stylist. Featuring 11 tracks from the super rare Country Church Time album plus a further dozen from George Jones’ late ’50s tear-jerking best. Poignant church going gems perfect for Sunday morning worship plus just as many tunes for hungover reminiscing of what could have, would have or might have been. From early morning pulpit prayer to late night whiskey-soaked tales of regret, a fine collection of Jones at his most melancholy. All this from a man who rode his lawnmower to the bar when his wife hid his car keys. Genius! Righteous.

List Price: $ 18.98

Price: $ 8.32

If a church uses a Pastor from another country, How do they address that on tax forms?

Question by Nigerian King: If a church uses a Pastor from another country, How do they address that on tax forms?
We are currently in search for a Pastor. So in the meantime we used one from another country. We pay for living and give them a salary. How do we disclose that on our tax forms?

Best answer:

Answer by bostonianinmo
If he’s a non-resident alien, you report his wages on Form 1042-S. If he’s a resident alien, you report them on Form W-2 as with any other employee.

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