Lawn chair blues

Lawn chair blues
Chairs for church
Image by cizauskas
"The Tinner Hill Blues Festival was launched in 1994 [in Falls Church, Virginia] as a music-centered street festival. From those modest beginnings, the event has developed into the weekend-long fête of all things blues: art, film, lectures, and – of course – blues performances, some by acts celebrated on the national level."
Falls Church News-Press

The Tinner Hill Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival
Cherry Hill Park
Falls Church, Virginia.
8 June 2013.

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Emmylou Harris Steve Earle – Fort Worth Blues – live April 2011

Emmylou Harris and Steve Earle perform a live version of “Fort Worth Blues” from a show in 2011. I have remastered the audio from the original live take. Please click like and comment in the respond box, thanks Ally.

Negro Blues & Hollers

Negro Blues & Hollers

After recording this essential collection of performances during the monumental Library of Congress-Fisk University field expedition of 1941 to 1942, Alan Lomax referred to these “alley blues” and “hallelujah spirituals” as “the best art our country has produced.” The efforts of Son House and Willie Brown here are particularly vital; with their handful of earlier commercial releases poorly recorded and hard to find, it is significant that these mentors of Robert Johnson were still in their prime when they entrusted their legacy to Lomax and family. Brown is heard shouting “East St. Louis Blues,” “Mississippi Blues,” and “Ragged and Dirty,” while House gives us “Special Rider Blues,” “Depot Blues,” and a growling “Low Down Dirty Dog Blues.” Also compelling are “Worried Life Blues” by David “Honeyboy” Edwards, who was with Johnson the night the legendary bluesman was poisoned, and the haunting “Cornfield Hollers” of Charley Berry, which resonates with Johnson’s “32.20 Blues.” –Alan Greenberg

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