Song ideas for a girl with a medium low range?

Question by Ophelia: Song ideas for a girl with a medium low range?
I am planning to enter one of my school’s more prestigious talent shows, but its not one of those that anyone can enter, you have to try out to be in the show. Singing is my strong point, but my comfortable range is pretty low. I need a really solid, good song to enter in this audition. Genre wise, I’m thinking soft core jazz or r&b. Something up beat, nothing slow. I love those songs where you can really wail, in other words, no church music, something with soul and a good beat. Any ideas would be really helpful.

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Answer by karica4
I Know by fiona apple
Run by leona lewis. originally by snow patrol, but she has a really good version. across the universe by fiona apple is good too. actually, I guess pretty much anything by Fiona Apple. Maybe Paper Bag or Fast As You Can. That’s all I can think of right now 🙂

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