On Christian Marriage

On Christian Marriage

My dear brethren,

the world has a very different thinking on marriage.  But, we know the truth about marriage; that is between Man and Woman.  Let us go in deeper on marriage; not from Man’s point of view but from the view between Christ and the Church.

The Church is femine and a bride and Christ is the bride groom.  Most of my friends are married or dating; I might have two single friends. 

I won’t be married in a physical sense and spiritual sense; only in a spiritual sense when the bishop lays his Apostolic hands on my head; I become a spiritual husband to the Church. 

What do I mean that you are married in a spiritual sense?  Did you give yourself to your husband as his bride in the Church; in the eyes of God?  Yes, so you have been married in the spiritual sense; physical sense you both have rings on to show that you are married and had a cermony and the state notices your marriage. 

But the most important thing is this: You both were married in the eyes of God and God was a witness to it. 

Jesus and the Church are married eternally; perfectly.  He gave Himself to Her by dying on the cross.  Calvary and the Cross was the altar that He gave Himself to Her; because He loves Her for all eternity.  He is submissive to Her and Her to Him. 

They never use each other as a object but each other works together to help us come to know Him who loves us for all eternity.  Through the Church; we come to know God; who became Man to redeem us who fallen from God’s grace and He died for us so that we may enter into eternity through His bride; the Church. 

Through the Church; we come to know and to use the Sacraments; which help us get to Heaven.  Three Sacraments give us the share in Divine Life; Sanctifying grace: The Eucharist, Confession and Baptism.  Everytime we fall; we crawl back to God’s Mercy and Love; which is given to us through Confession. 

The Bride; the Church; is like the Mother of God; who never leaves His side; The Church also never leaves Jesus’ side; because She loves Him to the point where She would die for Him; but Jesus died for Her and for us; because that is how much love Jesus has for His bride. 

Today, most Catholic marriages end in divorce; why is that? 

They have no idea what LOVE is.  The Love Jesus has for us and His Bride the Church.  The Love the Church has for Her Husband; Jesus.  Love comes from nothing else but the Cross.  That is how Jesus shown us the children love and His wife the Church. 

If you; Husband; aren’t willing to suffer the Cross for your family; why did you get married?  If you; Wife; aren’t willing to suffer the Cross for your family; why did you get married?  The two are one; you should love each other so much; you don’t want to be away from each other.  That is how the Church loves Jesus.  Jesus loves us that much also.

To suffer the Cross for the family; is to lift up your family in prayer to God as Jesus did for the Church.  If you love one another; you are to be submissive and faithful to each other till you enter eternity; eternal life or death.  If you love one another faithfully and submissively; get your family to Heaven. 

The Church and Jesus; love each other so much; if one is being attacked; the punishment for that person who attacks the Church is great; same for the person who attacks Jesus.  Husbands, defend your wives; Wives defend your husbands. 

Give yourself to God as a spiritual sacrifice; for the love of your spouse.  Follow the Church’s and Jesus’ example. 

God bless

I am twenty two years old and a Catholic.  I write on the faith and discerning the priesthood.  I go through many spiritual battles where I get tempted but as Fr. Corapi says, “No Pain, No Cross, No Cross No Crown.”  I have three blogs where I write and I’m working on Book II of Meum Apologia; it’s just like Blessed John Cardinal Newman’s; I got the idea from him to write one.  My Apologia has twenty chapters; twelve in the first book and eight right now in the second.