NYC – East Village: St. Stanislaus Church

NYC – East Village: St. Stanislaus Church
St Church
Image by wallyg
This 9-11 memorial bas-relief plaque is the same as the one that adorns the west side of Andrzej Pityski’s Katyn Memorial, which is pictured a the base of the towers here, in Jersey City. It memorializes the fallen Polish victims of the September 11th attacks–Maria Jakubiak, Lukasz Milewski, Dorota Kopiczko, Anna Pietkiewicz-DeBin, Jan Maciejewski, and Nortber Szurkowski.

Saint Stanislaus Church, at 101 East 7th Street, is home to the oldest and only Polish Roman-Catholic parish, under the invocation of St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr, which can be traced back to 1872 and a small wooden church at 318 Henry Street. The parish quickly outgrew those accomodations and moved into a former Presbyterian Church on Stanton Street before laying the cornerstone for the current building, under the guidance of Reverend Jan Strzelecki. The new church was dedicated by Archbishop M.A. Corrigan and Bishop J.M. Farley on May 19, 1901.

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