Norwood Presbyterian Church

Norwood Presbyterian Church
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In the late 1800’s, Norwood was advertised as a suburb of Cincinnati, encouraging new residents. Presbyterians wanted their own church. On February 1, 1891, their first church, located at the corner of Smith and Floral in South Norwood, was dedicated. The congregation was growing, with large Sunday School classes and youth groups. Nearby (one block away) at the corner of Washington and Floral Avenues, a larger church, of English Gothic architecture, was built. The current church was dedicated on April 6, 1924. Membership in 1931 was 845.

Over the years the building has had many renovations, including a ramp for the handicapped, and a parking lot. Currently, members volunteer for many maintenance jobs, to keep the building in good condition. The building is used by Alcoholics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous and VITAS (a grief counseling group). The Boy Scouts have been sponsored by the church for 75 years.

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