New Book Shines Hope for Those in Dark Times

Romeoville Ill. (PRWEB) August 31, 2009

Self-publishing author P. E. Calhoun released his inspirational and informative book titled 7 Facets of God, ways to never feel alone by experiencing God. It was published under Xulon Press to offer hope for those feeling alone and struggling with depression and anxiety while at the same time wanting answers.

7 Facets of God offers insight into a world where peace and contentment is most common. P. E. Calhoun shows how we work, how God works and ways we can be content by combining the two. “If you knew who walked beside you on this path, which you have chosen with your free will, you could never experience worry, guilt, suffering or any other paralyzing emotion” P. E. Calhoun says in the introduction.

When asked why he wanted to write such a book P. E. Calhoun answered, “In times like these, a lot of people feel as if they’re having to take on the impossible single handedly and that’s not the case.” He continued saying, “I wanted to let people know they’re not alone while at the same time showing them how to avoid depression, anxiety and other feelings which make us want to give up hope.” 7 Facets of God, a 188 page paper back, also promises to give readers the ability to know how others are talking about them when they’re not around.

With government health care in the foreground and antidepressants being engineered chemically to make us feel good synthetically in a society looking to go all-natural, 7 Facets of God is expected to be in wide demand. It guarantees to show readers how they can tap into an all-natural antidepressant inside their own body. According to its author P. E. Calhoun, the best part about the all-natural antidepressant in our body is it’s free and works instantly. No more waiting hours or days for the benefits. The only side effect is it’s contagious to others helping them feel good as well.

Sales are expected to climb as demand rises moving towards the holiday season. The increasing divorce rate combined with the downed economy and the government health care plan make predicting the demand difficult while at the same time verifies that a demand does exist. “With the season offering the most depression and anxiety approaching, people are going to want a better and more effective way to cope. The fact that it also helps people see the way others are talking about them after they’ve left the holiday parties is icing on the cake” said P. E. Calhoun. Readers can order 7 Facets of God by calling toll-free (866) 909-BOOK (2665) or visiting which can also be linked too with

About P. E. Calhoun

P. E. Calhoun is the author of 7 Facets of God. He continually seeks challenges which require insightful out-of-the-box perspectives resulting in the most creative solutions. Regularly attends Calvary Church in Naperville Illinois, with a congregation of over 10000 people where he has volunteered as a camera operator since 2004. He has worked eclectically in such industries as the medical industry, transportation industry, and most recently the electronics industry as a Test Engineer.