It’s All About Me!

It’s All About Me!
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Why are some "Christians" unfaithful? Why do they lie and deceive others for some perceived need (when some non-Christians would never even think of doing such a thing)?

Why do some non-believers have more Christ-like attributes than some "Christian" do? These "Christians" even praise Jesus, go to church, and evoke His name daily while all the while cheating on a "loved one!"

We see them in the news – we even know them personally.

How do we get lasting peace and lasting joy and know what to do in light of all of the above?

Let me answer the last question first in a very personal way. Then I’ll address the other two.

God has purged out of my life everything and ever person that He knew that should not be in my life.

But, in His goodness and grace He has also replaced them with the people and things He wanted in my life! Some "Christians" are gone and some non-Christians have remained. His ways never seem to be our ways!

I’ve discovered that you can’t get God’s best until you let go of Satan’s substitution for God’s best.

Before February 11, 2011:

It seemed that the more I sought for what was good, truthful, and real the more deception, lies, and unfaithfulness I encountered.

And then something changed!

After February 11, 2011:

I’ve never had a period in my life with more peace and joy.

Also, I’ve never had a period in my life with more blessings of ever kind. So, what had happened?

After a visit with my former 95-year-old Pastor Brother J.B. Young, on February 11, 2011, I decided at all cost to seek God’s face. No matter what it cost I wanted to know Him much better. (Brother Young went to Heaven just three months later on May 21, 2011)

I surrendered my dreams, my needs, my desires, my thoughts, my relationships, my friendships, my family, my past, my present, and my future to Christ. I laid my entire life on His alter and put my life in His total control.

I soon found out that it’s actually easier to do all of the above than to day-in and day-out trust Him with the consequences of that decision. Everyday, I want to self-navigate my life again! Everyday, I want to take the controls back! God takes full responsibility for the consequences of what happens to a life that is totally surrendered to Him.

2 Chronicles 7:14 lays out four things we must all do in order to be in the center of God’s will and to have His peace and His joy, “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Let me recap what we need to do: 1) Humble ourselves. 2) Pray. 3) Seek His face. 4) Turn from all our sins. Sorry, but three out of four will not work. I know, I tried that path.

In order to obtain the healing this great verse speaks of and for God to hear our prayers we must do ALL four. Read the verse again; that’s what it says!

Oh, we so want to do the first three, but totally do all of them, including number four, “turn from our sins” – I don’t think so? Not in today’s modern 21st century! “No one does that today!” Well, the “no ones” are wondering why after more relationships, houses, cars, clothes, fancy restaurants, and trips they still have no lasting peace and they still have no lasting joy?

So, you want God to hear your prayers, bless you, give you joy, give you peace, and heal your hurts and disappointments?

Then turn from your sins! How many of them? All of them! No sex before marriage. God really doesn’t care how good you or your boyfriend’s argument is either on this issue. No not giving God your hard-earned money! Are you saying put God before your kids, before your girlfriend/boyfriend, before your spouse, before your job? No, I’m not; He is!

Do you ever say no to a new car, vacation, dress/shirt or gadget (that you really don’t need anyway) because so many are hungry; both physically and spiritually?

Do you teach your kids that lesson too or do you think that by giving them everything that comes down the preverbal pike is how to show your love for them?

Do your children feed the homeless? Do they visit hurting and dying kids at Children’s Hospital? Do you? Or, are they all caught up with gadgets and entertainment more than with the needs of children that have nothing? I wonder were they got that life-pattern from?

The god of this age is pleasure and a never-ending desire for more things.

The god of this age is self. It’s an “all about me” world driven by television, advertising, and movies. More things that can never satisfy that emptiness in our hearts, more pleasures that can never totally satisfy that void in our soul. More mindless gadgets that attempt to fill the hole in our lives but just can’t seem to do it.

When we seek our needs and desires in our time table and through plotting and scheming; what we really are saying to God is, I don’t trust you to provide all my needs. After all God needs our help? Study the life of Abraham and Sarah to see how helping God out worked out for them and thus ever generation since.

As I said before it seemed that the more I sought for what was good, truthful, and real the more deception, lies, and unfaithfulness I found.

Why did it take me so long to realize that Matthew 6:33 is so true? “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

There is a God-created void in all our hearts. It was created by Christ and for Christ. You see He loves you and even me, and wants to have an up-close and personal relationship with us above any other relationship in our lives. Christ alone can fill the emptiness in our souls.

Will you, like the thief on the cross, say yes… to Jesus…today? If so, please pray the prayer below!

Vaya con Dios,

Randy Willis

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