I want to buy a old church and convert it into a house, where do i look?

Question by LG: I want to buy a old church and convert it into a house, where do i look?
I was thinking how great it would be to convert an old catholic church into a house. I want one with lots of stain glass. I wonder if there is a website where you can find one? Also it would be cool to convert on into a dance club/bar.

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Answer by Ana
You would have to seek the advice of your local real estate agent for such property. I am not certain, but isn’t a church consider a commercial property? You have to be careful what you flip. You have to consider the location too. I once saw on HGTV that these two guys flipped a 70s home into something magnificent but they made a mistake by flipping a house in a neighborhood that undervalues their flipped home..I mean the home was over valued for the neighborhood (ie $ 500000 home in a $ 300,000 neighborhood) which did not appeal to buyers. Plus, the house was near a major highway and very noisy. And I’m not sure if many stain glass windows would appeal to homeowners either. I certainly wouldn’t buy one like that. But if you’re flipping it for yourself then that’s different.

Also, there could be negative implication with converting a church into a club or bar. It’s like converting something that is sacred into something that represents sin. Plus, I can’t see a Church being located in a strip with other clubs and bars. If the old church is in a remote or residential area, transforming it into a bar would not be lucrative for business because the night scene isn’t really there.

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