gottfried böhm, pilgrimage church, neviges 1963-1972

gottfried böhm, pilgrimage church, neviges 1963-1972
Image by seier+seier
pilgrimage church, maria königin des friedens, neviges, germany 1963-1972.
architect: gottfried böhm, b.1920.

if the term roofscape was ever justified when describing a single building, it must be here: gottfried böhm’s pilgrimage church in neviges, germany, one of his masterpieces from the 1960’s.

the highly sculptural qualities of the building somewhat obscure the fact that the folded concrete roof is related to contemporary research by architects like jørn utzon, here.

this photo is the first from a tour of the structure.

the gottfried böhm set so far.
the böhm group, featuring the architecture of all three generations of böhm architects.

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