Churches Turn to Innovative Internet Fund Raising?

Churches Turn to Innovative Internet Fund Raising?

Churches Turn to Innovative Internet Fund Raising?

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Home Page > Spirituality > Religion > Churches Turn to Innovative Internet Fund Raising?

Churches Turn to Innovative Internet Fund Raising?

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Posted: Aug 04, 2007 |Comments: 0
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Churches Turn to Innovative Internet Fund Raising?

By: John Reed

About the Author

The author, John Reed, has 15 years business experience and has had the opportunity to use and review multiple online services. You can read more about funding churches via the internet at

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Article Source: – Churches Turn to Innovative Internet Fund Raising?

Churches are repeatedly short of funds during particular seasons of the year. As members leave town on vacations and holidays, many churches are left in the position of financial limbo until the faithful few return and are able to contribute financially through offerings and tithes.

Other such financial drops happen during special occasions when church congregations are required to dig deep to support various church related programs and events such as mission trips, concerts, television expenses, radio broadcasts, and many other worth while Christian services, activities and duties. Combined with the limitations of having a small congregation or a large congregation that is not high income, many worth while church related ventures go undone or they become postponed indefinitely.

Factoring in those expenses that are crucial to the Lords work but are easily over looked, a church is often less productive than it could be. Financial requirements such as paying for church vans, church utilities, maintenance, landscaping, printing costs, choir robes, office supplies and hundreds of other low key but vital expenditures that must some how be paid for, can affect the effectiveness of a church body to fulfill the great commission which reads, And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 15:16

Many churches are finding that commandment unreachable to say the least. Reaching the world costs money.

For most churches raising the necessary money to do all of the great things they desire to do seems out of reach because of the limited amount of money their parishioners earn in a given year. Tithes and offerings can only be given if there is something to tithe and offer.

Members often feel guilty about their inability to give all of the money they would like to give to their local church. It is a constant struggle in the minds of faithful members whether to give until it hurts to help heaven or apply the money to their various needs here on earth.

This epic tug of war has been raging since the first church and has been the catalyst for the launching of various types of fund raising ventures by members seeking to resolve it. In most churches money raising ideas have ranged from car washes, to musicals, bake sales to fish fries, plays to raffles and a million other witty though barely fruitful ventures.

Nothing is wrong with preparing a plate of food and selling it to customers that elect to buy but its effectiveness at raising large amounts of capital for church related expenditures leaves much to be desired. At the end of the day, a church can employ its members at tasks such as cooking, preparing plates, delivery, and spreading the word, only to come out with a 0 profit after the event has concluded. That is inefficient and frustrating to say the least.

Reaching a 21st century world using 18th century tactics is a very hard thing to do. To raise the funding necessary to meet ever-growing ambitious goals, modern day churches must upgrade their fundraising tactics by using modern day tools. The internet is very

The internet has been used for tasks such as informing those that may be looking for a church home of the churches existence but churches in general have failed to grasp the potential the internet has for raising the necessary funds to accomplish all that they envision. A new fundraising website TypoBounty dot com is changing the way churches raise funds by making the internet a major source for increased offering totals.

TypoBounty dot com is a fundraising website where churches increase the amount of money their members can afford to give them with no additional drain on the members personal finances. Churches with small congregations can raise their offering totals by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, and churches with larger congregations can increase their annual offering totals by multiple millions of dollars per year.

TypoBounty dot com is where companies seek to have errors such a misspelled words incorrect punctuation, grammatical errors and other errors on their websites located and reported. The church member can get paid for every valid error found and reported. There are billions of web pages on the internet and there are trillions of punctuation errors on those pages alone. Not to mention all of the other types of errors that exist.

With the average fee paid per valid report being 2 dollars each, money donated to the church can add up very quickly. Each of the church members FREE hunter accounts can be directly linked to their respective churchs FREE fundraiser accounts. This means as they report valid errors, the payments go directly into the churchs account.

Churches simply create a free fundraiser account and tell all of their members to get an account and start donating. Members can donate to their respective churches during their normal internet surfing with no out of pocket expense. When hunters notice an error on a website that is not currently listed on TypoBounty dot com, they can refer website to TypoBounty. When they do this, they get a 2 day head start to find and report as many errors as they can find. A single website can yield over 20 dollars to observant Christians that seek to help their church.

If your church needs additional funding and is currently using limited fundraising techniques, suggest the TypoBounty dot com fundraising site to your pastor. Better funded churches can reach more souls for Jesus.

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John Reed
About the Author:

The author, John Reed, has 15 years business experience and has had the opportunity to use and review multiple online services. You can read more about funding churches via the internet at


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