church website??

Question by yous a loser!: church website??
i just made a website for my churhc.. not finished tho.. please tell me wut u think.. and how to fix it up

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Answer by garfieldfan
first you should probably get a new domain name. other than freewebs. I recommend that you get information about why they should go to your church. lets be honest, you should be reaching out to non christians, not just christians, so another thing you need is a neat looking site, not boring. but at this point it is okay. I run a church youth site, and it is important to have pics, a neat design, etc. You want people to look at your site and say wow.

The reason why I am recommending a church site that is not from freewebs, but is one you buy is because it is not secure. anyone could hack it and that would be a huge embarassment to the church. Unfortunately i tried to go the free, easy route and someone hacked our forum and put a vulgar picture on the main page. HUGE EMBARASSMENT.

I hope this helped. If you want more advice, don’t hesitate to email me.

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