anyone here go to a calvary chapel based church?

Question by Jackie T: anyone here go to a calvary chapel based church?
calvary chapel is a church like methodist or baptist but its non denominational and i have been going to one for 2 years now but ive never met someone that went to one outside mine

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Answer by CJ
They’re pretty small as church groups go.

Definitely avoid “Calvary Chapel”. First of all, they teach a false gospel of works that leads to hell (Galatians 1:6-9). They teach that you must do the works that they say to do, otherwise you don’t go to heaven. They also teach that you can “lose” your salvation, meaning that there is no security for any believer, according to them.

But Jesus said to simply believe in Him for salvation.

Also, several websites have opened up in recent years to expose abuses at “Calvary Chapel”. They are VERY authoritarian, and they have broken up marriages and caused abuses of varying kinds. Even Christianity Today magazine did an expose about this.

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