Who Helps the Victims

Who Helps the Victims

Thousands of people around the world are becoming victims to these cyber crimes like Phishing, Identity theft, and Nigerian scams but what happens after these people become victims. When my wife and I became victims of a Nigerian scam with Identity theft wrapped into it very few if any offered us any type of assistance. Victims of crimes like these are being re victimized by local law enforcement, banks, and mortgage companies. The re victimization is after these people first become victims of one of these cyber crimes. It isn’t the cyber crime that destroys these victims but instead it is because of the ignorance of local law enforcement.

When my wife and I were arrested for criminal intent, at BSO 3 male officers strip searched my wife. You would think that for strip searching a female they would have female officers do this. Then for the next 3 years BSO prosecuted us for criminal intent. No speedy trial or anything. Their star witness against us was a 3 time felon who agreed to give testimony against us in exchange for her not having to go to prison on an armed robbery charge that was pending against her.

Do you know how hard it is to get a job someplace when they do a background check and see that you are currently being prosecuted for Grand Theft? I, myself, was incarcerated for almost a month because of this stuff. I would have been there throughout Christmas but the judge decided to hear a few cases on December 24th, postponing her Christmas leave. Of course, I did have to spend the next 2 months on house arrest.

Just to pay my bills I accepted work in construction one summer which is very unusual for me because of my handicaps. I had to agree to low wages because of all the illegal immigrants that usually work these jobs for cheap. The only person that ever really offered us any help was my Mom who made sure our rent was paid every month. I wasn’t looking for handouts but just a job where I could work and pay my bills each month. The jobs I did get would eventually be lost because of all the time I had to take off from work to appear in court. We finally had to cop a plea for BS because we couldn’t afford to lose more jobs.

Our local church, Calvary Baptist, did help with for groceries but all those agencies that are supposedly out there to help with utilities and rent, their help is pretty much non existent. I’ve heard stories of victims who had never ever been arrested before now being incarcerated for these periods of time after they have become victims. You would think that sites like Ebay, Yahoo, Google and BofA would educate their members by sending out an email to everybody but these places say that it is a liability issue and they just look the other way. Even if you become a victim on a site like Ebay they still will offer no help whatsoever.

My son, Jake, who makes good money from sites like MySpace has decided to try and help some of the victims of these cyber crimes. He is an affiliate for this software suite called BuddyPromoter and he has shipped it free to a few victims and has even given them tutorials on how they can replace some of their lost income by utilizing sites like MySpace.

My wife, Karyn, is now a volunteer for this one site Fraudaid which helps victims of this cyber crime that is hitting so many people on the Internet these days. I, myself, have even tried to help some of these people but I have found that a lot of people will not even aknowledge the help you have given them and this rubs me the wrong way.

In the end, who is there to help the victims of the ever growing cyber crime that is victimizing people from all walks of life?

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