Where does the Spanish Churchs money go to?

An ad produced by the Spanish Episcopal Conference will be broadcast throughout Spain so that the citizens are made aware of the work carried out by the Catholic Church and where the donated money goes to, as well as to increase the financial support given to the Church on peoples income tax return.The public awareness campaign video called Xtantos, For many, produced for the 2009 income campaign program, has won this years prestigious EFI award for advertising effectiveness in the Social Responsibility category, which is awarded by the Spanish Advertisers Association.The public awareness campaign was launched in 2007 after an agreement reached by the Church and the Spanish Government in 2006, which established a new tax return system. With this new system, which presents the option of donating a percentage of the income surtax to the Catholic Church, the Churchs financial support depends exclusively on Catholics and those who appreciate the work carried out by the Church.
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