What is the Reform Catholic Church?

What is the Reform Catholic Church?

The Reform Catholic Church (RCC) is a worldwide conglomerate of churches that were created in the 1960’s, however, the concept was created long ago.

The name was chosen out of hundreds of options in an effort to maintain a connection to traditional Orthodox and Catholic churches and beliefs systems while, at the same time, realizing the necessity for an ongoing reform of the methods used by the Church to communicate with its members. Many Reform Catholic organizations use acronyms as their names.

It was Roman Catholic priests that first bound together to form the RCC, as well as Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox who, in some way or another, were displeased with some, or many, of the activities and decisions of their churches.

This led them to search for a more fulfilling way to practice their beloved Christian religion. As one of the goals, the founders looked to create a Christian church that was inclusive, tolerant and quenched the spiritual thirst of the todays people while making the life of Christ as described in the Bible more meaningful to them.

As an example of the beliefs of the RCC, it encourages membership or transition to Orthodox, Catholic and other Christian churches, because of it’s belief in the communion of those Christian churches.

For the most part, the RCC adheres to the religious beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church. However, one difference is that the RCC believes, if qualified, both men and women have the right to become clergy members, due to their inherent spiritual equality.

Clergy are allowed to marry in an effort to allow them to more fully participate in the normal daily lives of the people around them. This, actually, is no different than the faith of the Roman Catholic Churches, since many of them who are in full communion with the Vatican allow their clergy to marry, as well.

At this point you may be wondering what type of prayers the RCC uses. For the most part, it uses the same ceremonies and prayers that you would find in the Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox Churches.

Various methods of birth control are accepted. However, as a general rule, abortions are disapproved of. In truth, it is understood that there may be certain circumstances in which an abortion would be justified.

The sacrament of marriage is performed as it is in many other churches, in such that God, through His clergy, joins together the couple who want to be married.

Divorces, as well, can be granted to those who want them. Divorce, however, is not looked upon favorably and only a married couple that are fundamentally incompatible and in which a true marital relationship does not exist will be granted one.

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