what is the CHURCH OF CHRIST?

Question by britt4life718: what is the CHURCH OF CHRIST?
i am non-denominational.. i am in vacation right now in gulf shores.. i seen they had a church of christ.. i would like to go to it and they also had a first baptist church.. i don’t know which ones more like my church and which one ill fell more comfortable around. which one is more like non-denominational churches? and is it true at the church of christ you have to dress up because most of the time people do?
i really dont want to walk in and hear things that arent even close to what i know

please help!!!

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Answer by an_gel_on
Church of Christ believes you can lose your salvation as opposed to believing in eternal security. They also do not use any instruments in worship. They sing everything acapella. Other than that they are a very respectable and devoted bunch who take the Bible pretty literally.

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