What is church like for Protestants?

Question by Wayward Surfette: What is church like for Protestants?
I heard another user say once “….while you Protestants enjoy your donuts and coffee in the pews….” but I’m not sure if that’s true. Catholic churches are very solemn and the congregation is very respectful (for the most part) and quiet (again, for the most part). No one in my church brings distractions for their children, instead they tell their kids to listen to the priest. Definitely no one eats during church, besides the Eucharist. There is, in fact, a rule that people must fast one hour before taking the Eucharist except for water, medicine, and if for some health reason you have to eat during that time. Can someone describe for me a Protestant Mass?
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Answer by Royal Racer Hell=Grave ©
No such thing as a Protestant Mass.

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