What does your church do for Christmas?

Question by : What does your church do for Christmas?
Hopefully, it’s all about Jesus Christ/God. One church I went to had a play depicting the night of Jesus’ birth, and the events surrounding His birth in a manger that night. Some churches do church services that day and hopefully yours does that too.

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Answer by Twylah
We do not recognize Christmas as a Christian holy day and therefore we do not observe it as such.

There is nothing biblical or Christian about Christmas. It began as a Catholic observance and was based upon Mithraism and Saturnalia.

Two main points in scripture:

1- Christians do not celebrate annual birthdays. These are pagan. You will find no mention in scripture of Jesus, the apostles or the earliest church doing this

2- Jesus was not born on 25 Dec. He was born in the early fall harvest during the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth)

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