What does Church of Christ believe about Communion?

Question by Chels: What does Church of Christ believe about Communion?
My friend attends a Church of Christ church and believes you have to have communion every Sunday. She will not go to another church if it isn’t serving communion that Sunday.

At first I thought this was something she must have come up with on her own because it seemed a little out there to be taught in a church. However, I have been researching some of their beliefs and have read some things that cause me to believe that that might be something she was taught within her church. Could someone tell me what Church of Christ members believe about communion and why?

Thank you. 🙂

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Answer by Old Account
Number 2 on the linked list below explains their position. They believe that Communion is too important to do only once a month, as many churches do, and instead do it every Sunday. Their position is actually understandable, but I personally disagree with it.

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