What are some good resources for building a church website?

Question by •°o.O(epiitome•of•beauty)O.o°•: What are some good resources for building a church website?
I am looking to find any programs, templates, websites, etc. I need something that looks professional and premium. I am new to web design so I don’t know of the popular resources. Please point me into the right direction.

I tried google search and the options for church websites are minimal and quite plain. Most church templates are very eyecatching either.

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Answer by Pebbles114
If you aren’t good with HTML, XHTML, Java Script or flash coding you may benefit from using Microsoft Publisher. In this program, there’s an option to create websites. There are a ton of templates to choose from. All you have to do is add your text, pictures, etc. You can also change the original color of the templates. Creating a website with dynamics may require better knowledge of flash and other coding software, so using a “drag and drop” program like this one may be your best option. Microsoft publisher is usually in the Microsoft Office suite that comes with PC’s.

If you are using a MAC, another option is iWeb. This is an application that also provides templates for websites. You can either use a template or drag and drop images to design a webpage from scratch. No coding knowledge necessary.

Hope this helps.

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