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Wedding Music

Wedding Music

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Wedding Music

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Posted: Jun 25, 2009 |Comments: 0




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A successful wedding ceremony is encompassed by having wedding music.  Wedding music selection can be hard because you need to select those which are going to be effective mood setter and entertain the guest.  With this, you can ask assistance from wedding music consultant or you can select your own playlist months before your wedding.

There are different ways on how to have the musical entertainment in your wedding.  You can choose from hiring a wedding singer either solo or small group ensemble, wedding musician, disc jockey or an audio disc.  These choices will never fail to provide you the entertainment and music that you need throughout the event.

Here are several tips on choosing the best wedding music for this significant chapter of your life.  The main foundation of these tips is to have the right music on the proper stage of the ceremony.

The guests usually arrive first on the venue.  They would find themselves waiting for the bride or the couple.  While waiting, the guest can talk among themselves but of course it would be boring if they will not hear any sound playing at the background.  For this stage of the wedding, the best selections of music that you can select are the slow music.  These type of music may attract meditation to the guest.  The genre of these songs can be classical instrumental, gospel and even jazz. 

By the time the wedding is going to start, the songs that are selected are usually within the set standards of the church.  They can have a choir sing the religious songs for the church throughout the ceremony.  If the wedding is not going to be done in the church, love songs and the theme song of the couple can be played.  the wedding singers or choir are the best source of music on this stage.  Nothing will beat the effect chord and sounds that a choir is producing.  You can also have the services of musicians such s pianist with string quartet.  You would feel the solemnity of the of event with the music that they are playing.  The most popular pieces that are played for weddings not done in church are the classical piece Canon in D by Pachelbel, Air in G Strings by Back and Bridal Chorus by Lohengrin. 

Finally at the reception, you need to have a more lively set of music in order to entertain your guests.  Basically, this is the stage where in the guests can dance to the beat with their partners or the bride and groom.  The best choice of musician on this stage is bands or a music DJ which has a wide selection of music mixes.  The genres that can be played are R&B, rock, country and jazz. 

Wedding music is considered as the heart beat of the event.  Without this, you cannot really feel the whole emotion of the wedding.  Choosing the proper music to set the mood is the key in making your wedding something worth remembering forever.

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Mano Tomas
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Mano Tomas photographer videographer more than 28 years of experience in the field of entertainment.


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